How to get in touch with a snack well

There are times when you may want to eat snacks when you are a little hungry at noon. However, obesity, cholesterol level, diabetes etc. are concerned and it seems that there are also many who have patience. Eating a snack serves as a supplement to the nutrients lacking in the brain, so it is not something you should not take, but excessive ingestion will also cause obesity and diabetes.

There seems to be a way to take a good snack for those who care about obesity and diabetes. It may not be enough until you get used to it, but once you have a habit, you may be able to get along with your treats well.

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1. Keep the number of calories in one snack around 150 kilocalories

There is a possibility that it is only lonesome, so before you eat a snack it is necessary to think about whether you really need a snack. If it is absolutely necessary to have a snack, it is necessary to suppress it to around 150 kcal.

If you keep in mind as described above it is habitual to eat correct snacks and it seems that you are getting a little tummy.

2. Wana of confectionery described as low fat

When eating foods that are described as low fat, they tend to eat too much, which means they will eat about 28% more than usual. Many foods that are described as low-fat are about 11% less calorie than normal foods, so if you eat more than 28%, you will get more calories than usual It is going to be.

Although it may feel a little unsatisfactory at the beginning, it seems better to eat less fat foods at the same level as ordinary food.

3. Do not eat candy in a bag

If you eat it directly from the bag that opened the seal, the limitation is lost, and you overeat at eating too much. If it is divided into dishes, it seems that it will also prevent overeating because it is restricted to the amount that is on the plate. As you finish eating the small pieces of sweets and your hands may stretch out to the bag immediately, keep bags filled with contents in a place hard to reach. Do not forget to wrap it so that it is not damp.

From the following, I introduce good items to eat as snacks.

4. ingest a handful of nuts as a snack

Nuts such as almond, walnut, pecans, peanuts and cashews contain monounsaturated fatty acids that reduce cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease, so if you are concerned about obesity, heart disease, cholesterol levels It is recommended. Also, because it contains a lot of protein and monounsaturated fatty acid, it seems that blood sugar value does not increase so much.

However, because nuts are high in calories (especially almonds are high), it is necessary to keep it to a handful.

5. Eat crackers with peanut butter on snack

It is better to eat a small amount of peanut butter, because there is a possibility of eating in large quantities because it is unsatisfactory to eat crackers without putting anything on. It seems that you can take more protein and carbohydrates, and also reduce calories.

6. Eat fresh vegetables for snacks

It is good to eat raw vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, paprikas, green peppers, cucumbers and so on for treats.

If you eat raw vegetables as it is, or if you can not eat as it is, dressing with fat free yoghurt or calorie controlKhumsIt is good to eat it with it.

7. Slice eggplants with cowpea salsa on top and eat

Both salsa, eggplants, fat and carbohydrates are few, calories are modest and healthy.

8. Drink vegetable soup

It seems to be good to make soup with vegetables with low starch quality such as spinach, onions, celery, and green beans. The suppression of carbohydrate suppression if it suppresses the starch quality makes it healthier.

9. Drink smoothies using fruits

Here it is introduced that a smoothie mixed with no-calorie sweetener is good for half-banana and non-fat yoghurt. If you preserve even a no-calorie sweetener in non-fat yogurt, other fruits such as strawberries may be okay.

10. Eat frozen bananas or frozen grapes

Calories are suppressed, and freshness is kept because it is frozen, so it is healthy.

11. Eat apples with skin

The apple skin contains a lot of dietary fiber. In addition, apple skin contains water-soluble fiber that prevents cholesterol level, cardiac disease prevention, oxidation prevention and diabetes complications.

If you eat apples anyway, it is better for you to eat with skin.

12. Eat low-fat string cheese (bastard cheese)

It contains a lot of protein, it is healthy with about 80 kilocalories per one. It is very convenient to carry and easy to eat foods.

13. Frozen and eat the chocolate bar.

ApparentlyKellogg's Pop-TartsIt seems to be said that it is good to eat things that chilled the chocolate. It is supposed to suppress calories, and by freezing it is said that there is a different taste.

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