Ten ingredients to boost immunity

It has become a season when winter approaches, various diseases such as colds and influenza become matter of concern. Recently, many food poisoning etc. have been taken in newspapers etc, and interest concerning health is getting higher. Although it is one hand to be careful not to get pathogenic bacteria from outside such as hand washing and gargling, if pathogenic bacteria have entered the body, if the immunity of the body is not increased, I will lose to the physical condition will be worse.

So, I will introduce some ingredients to boost immunity. If you give a little immunity to pathogenic bacteria, you may not be defeated by disease in a bit of things.

Details are as follows.
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1. Green tea

CatechinIt is effective in cancer prevention, and furthermore it has a role to support the growth of intestinal bacteria by phytonutrient (phytonutrient). It also seems to have the effect of suppressing the reproduction of bad bacteria. About 70% of the immune system is related to the digestive system, so green tea catechin and phytonutrient are very effective. It seems that it is the most effective to take about 4 cups a day.

2. Pepper

It seems to activate metabolism and play a role as a natural antiplatelet drug. It promotes the secretion of endorphin which is a neurotransmitter, and further the resistance increases.

In addition, since peppers contain beta carotene as much as capsaicin, it seems that it is effective to increase resistance to disease and prevent aging. According to recent research, it seems that it has been found effective in prostate cancer prevention. Ideally it is ideal to consume half each day, or take a spoonful of powdered chilli.

3. Ginger

It is a bitter ingredient of gingerGingerolThere are effects such as promotion of function of digestive system and promotion of blood circulation, and it seems that resistance in the body will rise. Also, since gingerol has a bactericidal action, it seems that food poisoning can also be prevented. About 10 grams a day is appropriate amount.

4. Blueberries

Antioxidant substances are very abundantly contained than general fruits, and they seem to be effective in preventing cancer and heart disease. Besides, it is thought that it is rich in vitamin A and vitamin E and is thought to be fruit with high antioxidant power. Eyesight improvement effect has been indicatedAnthocyaninIt seems to be one of antioxidants. If you take it with lemon juice or strawberry it will double the effect.

5. Cinnamon

It is said that cinnamon has an effect to prevent blood clotting, bacterial growth, bad breath. Recent studies seem to know that there is a possibility of stabilizing the blood glucose level and preventing diabetes. Moreover, it may be effective to reduce bad cholesterol. Approximately half as much as a day seems to be appropriate amount.

6. Sweet potato

GlutathioneIt contains substances called metabolism enhancement and resistance strengthening. Moreover, it seems that there are also effects to protect yourself from Alzheimer's disease, liver disease, HIV, cancer, heart attacks and so on. It seems that it is good to take sweet potato one at a time.

7. Tomatoes

Included in tomatoesLycopeneIt seems that there is antioxidant capacity of 100 times that of vitamin E twice as much as carotene. Moreover, it is said that it can also suppress the bad cholesterol and prevent the arteriosclerosis. Rather than eating raw, cooked things (those with fire) will be more effective.

8. FIG.

It seems that potassium, manganese and antioxidants contained in the figures keep the PH value in the body normal, thereby preventing the invasion of pathogens from the outside. Also, fig is rich in dietary fiber, it is said to lower blood sugar and have effect on diabetes prevention. The skin part seems to contain a lot of nutrients, so it seems to be ideal to eat about 4 pieces a week.

9. Mushrooms

It is contained in mushroomsErgothioneinIt is said that amino acids with antioxidant capacity are effective for increasing resistance. It seems that effect will be doubled when cooking with wine.

10. Pomegranate

Polyphenol called ellagitannin contained in pomegranate has an extremely high antioxidant ability and it seems to be effective for cancer prevention. The experiment confirmed that it inhibited the growth of prostate cancer cells. It seems to be good if you take 1 cup a day.

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