9 foods with the effect of relieving headaches

If you think that your head hurts, you can lie down with an analgesic and lie down, but there are 9 kinds of foods to ease headache.

As it is food, there is no immediate effect, but by adjusting the physical condition by ingesting the necessary nutrition, it may reduce the number of times to rely on headache medicine.

Details are as below.Foods for Headache Relief - Healthy Living Tips at WomansDay.com

1: Baked Potato

If a headache occurs due to a hangover, dehydration may occur due to the diuretic action of alcohol and headache may occur because necessary electrolytes are lost. A nutritionist says that eating potassium - rich food is good for relieving headache, so it is said that skinned baked potatoes rich in potassium, 721 mg, can be said to be a food brought to resolve headaches.

2: Watermelon

Because the main cause of headache is dehydration symptoms, it may be nice to try foods rich in water like watermelon. Because moisture contained in vegetables and fruits contains essential minerals, it seems good for prevention of headache. Besides eating watermelon as it is, it may be good to take it as a smoothie with ice and yoghurt, honey, grated ginger and ginger. Ginger also has the effect of suppressing nausea caused by headaches, so you can expect both ways.

3: Coffee

Because alcohol acts to dilate blood vessels, it can cause headache. Caffeine contained in coffee is contrarily contraction of blood vessels, so it is effective in suppressing headache caused by hangover etc. However, if you drink too much if you drink too much because it is effective, it is important to drink the proper amount, as it may promote dehydration symptoms due to the diuretic effect of caffeine, rather headaches may become stronger. In conclusion, one cup of coffee will be a good medicine for a hangover, but continuing to drink a day a day coffee seems to be counterproductive.

4: whole grain toast

People who are trying carbohydrate diets tend to lack glycogen, which is the energy of the brain, causing dehydration, which often leads to headaches. In this case, it seems to be better to replenish glycogen with whole grain flour or toast and try to balance nutrition.

5: Almond

People suffering from migraine have the possibility of improving by eating meals including magnesium-rich foods. It may be good to incorporate magnesium-rich almonds with the function of loosening blood vessels.

6: Salsa sauce

Although it is surprising, depending on the type of headache, spicy food seems to be relatively effective for the recovery of headache.SinusitisIn the case of a headache that is the cause, a spicy meal has the effect of suppressing inflammation, it may reduce headache and may improve the nose's streets.

7: Yogurt

It seems there is a possibility that the body wants calcium when the head gets cancer. Since calcium seems indispensable for the brain to function efficiently, it may be effective if you eat calcium rich food like yoghurt.

8: Sesame

Sesame seeds sprinkled on various side dishes and eatable are nutritious full with small grains. Vitamin E is abundant, it improves blood circulation, and it also contains a lot of magnesium, so there are many good elements for improving headaches.

9: Spinach salad

Spinach lowered blood pressure, prevented hangover, and also had effect on headache prevention. When preparing a salad, it may be good to use spinach instead of lettuce. People who are not weak in fruit salads can sprinkle spinach and watermelon and then dried apricots on a dish, scatter almonds and make a salad with raspberry vinegar, you can ingest a headache-friendly ingredient at once .

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