Eight kinds of foods to be ingested to keep clean skin

I think that many women have the feeling of "I want to be young and beautiful forever forever", but there seems to be some food that exerts its effect to keep clean skin. The effect depends on the food, but it may be good if you take it according to the problem of the skin you are suffering now.

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8 Foods for Beautiful Skin | Skincare Nutrition Tips | Skin Care | Reader's Digest

■ Avocado

AvocadoBiotinAnd Vitamin E are contained abundantly, it has the effect of preventing dry skin, and it seems to have the effect of softening the skin. It is not only to eat, but also to apply the avocado that you strike to your skin, or sliced ​​thing You can get the effect even if you put it on your skin. It also seems to have the effect of preventing the hair and claws from being damaged.

Green Tea

Because green tea contains various polyphenols such as catechin, it seems to be considered a gentle drink for the skin. It is effective to take about 4 cups daily.

■ Tomatoes

According to an experiment conducted in Germany, it seems that the effect of preventing sunburn appears when tomato paste and olive oil are ingested every day. This is because it is believed that lycopene and carotenoids, which are often contained in tomato, have an effect of moderating cell destruction.

■ Salmon

Salmon has about 1,000 times the antioxidant power of vitamin EAstaxanthinIt contains ingredients such as this astaxanthin seems to have the effect of improving skin elasticity.

■ egg

Protein abundantly contained in egg seems to work to repair cells of damaged skin. Moreover, because it also contains biotin, it is said to be effective also on dry skin.


There are many antioxidant ingredients in the pomegranate and furthermore it has the effect of supporting collagen production.

■ Walnut

To walnutsOmega 3 type fatty acidIt is said that it is said that it is said to have an effect to protect skin and hair from ultraviolet rays.

■ Pulses

Beans contain a lot of protein as well as eggs and it seems that there is a function to restore cells of damaged skin.

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