You can keep youth by eating tomatoes

According to the latest research results, it is effective not only to cut cholesterol in tomato, to prevent cancer, but also to protect the skin from sunburn and to keep the skin youthful.

The unknown efficacy of tomato is from the following.
The secret of eternal youth? Try a tomato | the Daily Mail

To test the ability to protect the skin first, ten volunteers eat five tablespoons of tomato paste mixed with olive oil for three months, another ten consumes only olive oil I tried it every day. As a result, it was said that the person who ate the tomato was better protected by the test using ultraviolet lamp.

A further test seems to suggest that eating tomato pushed up the production of collagen (a protein that keeps the skin flexible).

According to Mark Birch-Machin, Professor Mark Birch initially says that he was conducting tomato research as a skeptic, but the research results are quite surprised, according to researchers at the University of Manchester and Newcastle, for health , It is recommended that you eat two tomatoes per day.

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