We are looking for people to eat chocolate every day for 1 year

He seems to recruit people who eat chocolate every day for a year at a university in the UK.

Documentary movie which continues to eat food of McDonald 's for some 30 days for some reasonSuper Size MeIt is recruitment content reminiscent of, "What is it for why on earth?

Details are as below.
Tough job: Volunteers needed for chocolate study | Health | Reuters

According to this article, British researchers are recruiting volunteers who continue to eat plate chocolate every day for one year. This is because flavonoids contained in soybean and chocolate etc from June will do experiments on whether the risk of heart disease of women suffering from type 2 diabetes will be reduced.

Incidentally,I took up even GIGAZINE beforeBut since the cacao flavonoids contained in chocolate have the effect of balancing the blood pressure and blood coagulation and it is said that it reduces the risk of heart attacks, is this effect actually present this time I am testing to test you.

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