If you drink 3 teaspoons a day you can prevent heart attacks and strokes

Research on tea that can reduce fat and cholesterol accumulated in the artery was announced.

Details are as below.Three cups of tea a day helps stop heart attacks and strokes (unless you are a man) the Daily Mail

However, only females were able to obtain the effect, and when we survey 2613 males and 3984 females, it seems that men did not see the effect of black tea in particular.

In this study, people with fat and cholesterol in the carotid artery were 45% for women who did not drink tea at all and 42.5% for those who drink 1 or 2 cups a day. However, it seems that women who drink more than 3 cups a day have decreased to 33.7%.

However, in men, people who drink tea usually seem to have not changed health condition with those who did not drink. One of the causes is thought to be that it supplements estrogen of female hormone that protects the body from heart disease in some way.

Health health nutritionist Victoria Taylor says that there is no significant difference when taking fruits and vegetables, the medical journal is written "It is good news that you can customarily enjoy tea," and further tests It seems to be called.

If there are foods that are limited to women and have health benefits, some may be effective only for men, but it seems to be good, but is there anything found in future research?

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