Caffeine has the potential to cause toxic symptoms and health damage by the world's most drugs, continuous ingestion


When you drink coffee or energy drink and ingest caffeine,Reduce stressOr,Memory upAlthough it has been found that there is an effect such as caffeine has a strong dependence like drugs, research results have become clear that health problems become more likely to occur if you keep taking intake .

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Researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Steven Meredith and Roland Griffiths posted a paper on the subject that "caffeine is the most popular drug in the world" in the caffeine research magazine, caffeine We are announcing that it is more addictive than it was thought up to, and once you get into the habit of ingesting caffeine, you can not quite stop it.

According to the paper, more than 90% of adults living in the United States routinely take caffeine, the average daily intake is about 200 mg. Although the maximum daily intake of caffeine recommended by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is 400 mg, about 300 mg of caffeine per serving for M size coffee at a typical coffee shop in the United States , And the amount of caffeine in one energy drink can is about 160 to 240 mg. In other words, if you drink more than two cups of coffee or energy drink a day, it will lightly overlook the intake.


Professor Laura M. Juliano of the psychology department of the American University who is a coauthor of the article said, "While many Americans are not affected by caffeine, some of the foodstuffs including caffeine have a negative impact on health There is a possibility, not only interferes with our daily living but also there is a problem that it becomes caffeine addiction and I can not stop caffeine intake. " As you continue to take caffeine, heart disease and other thingsCardiovascular diseaseAnd, in the case of women, it may cause complications during pregnancy.

Excessive caffeine ingestion may cause toxic symptoms, Meredith says to Mr. Meredith that "Caffeine's poisoning symptoms include nervous breakdown, insomnia, dyspepsia, tachycardia, muscle contraction, etc. In addition, when taking caffeine chronically, when caffeine is temporarily cut off, headache, tiredness, drowsiness, depressed feeling, decreased concentration, nausea, nausea etc. I will warn about the danger of caffeine addiction. " According to Meredith, it is difficult to reduce caffeine intake when it is overdosing caffeine in excess of caffeine intake standard, it is likely to cause health problems. In other words, even if you know that overdose of caffeine is bad for your health, you will not be able to stop it easily if you get into the habit of drinking coffee.

In the book "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders" by the American Psychiatric Association, it is stated that "further research is necessary for regular use of caffeine". The item "Biological Evidence for Caffeine Dependence" in the manual describes the positive effect obtained by ingestion of caffeine, which leads to improvements in health, increased attention and socialization. However, these effects are similar to those when ingesting cocaine, and it is presumed that "As caffeine is ingested, positive effects are obtained, so that humans will continue to take caffeine" It is.

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Meredith explains why drinks rich in caffeine such as coffee are not banned like cocaine, "Meredith is well accepted in society and tends to forget the fact that dependence on caffeine adversely affects health For the same reason, it is very rare to think that caffeine is the cause of insomnia and other diseases, few people tell the doctor that they are drinking coffee on a daily basis. " I will. In order to prevent such a situation, it is always necessary to keep in mind the fact that "caffeine is the same as drugs, excessive or continuous ingestion causes physical and mental adverse effects" , Meredith insists.

Meredith argues that it is important to gradually reduce the intake of caffeine, record daily caffeine intake in the diary and record it gradually over several weeks We recommend that you reduce intake.

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