World Drone Prix, the world's largest drawn race with a total prize of more than 100 million yen, the experience of the final match of 2016 with aerial photography

The world's biggest drone race to decide the world's fastest drones over a total prize money of 1 million dollars (about 131 million yen) "World Drone Prix 2016"Was held in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. More than 150 teams from 26 countries participated in the competition and as a result the team piloting 15-year-old boys got the best place and got a prize of 250 thousand dollars (about 28 million yen) did. A movie showing the enthusiasm of the venue such as the aerial photographs of the finals course with the world's fastest drones is released.

World Drone Prix

World Drone Prix (WDP 16) is the world's first massive drone race on March 11th and 12th, 2016. We can participate from at least 4 teams including pilot · navigator · engineer · pit crew, and even in JapanDomestic preliminary roundThree teams actually played qualifying in Dubai.

You can see the digest that shows the state of WDP16 on the first day from the following.

World Drone Prix 2016 - Race Day 1 - YouTube

The audience is like this, and there are many spectators in the arena.

Engineers who maintain drone with pits.

The start of the race is finally over. Set a drone on the table ... ...

It is the beginning of the world's biggest race to decide the fastest drones in the world. When night comes, the LED light turns on the course, SF appearance that makes you feel that future is completely realF-ZERO.

In this way, many pilots are wearing FLV (First Person View) goggles and it seems that they are controlling the aircraft through the drones' viewpoint of actually flight.

However, there are drones with maximum speeds exceeding 100 km, so sometimes you lose control with a sense of speed.

It will also happen that it crashes into the course and crashes. To fly in the air at 100 km / h will be required driving skills that is not comparable to running the car at the same speed.

On the first day more than 150 teams took part in the race and only the top 4 teams will enter the final race on the second day. The digest of the final match where the drones race with the prize money of 1 million dollars was done can be seen from the following movie.

The 1 Million Dollar, World Drone Prix Final. # WDP 16 - YouTube

The final day when winning or losing despite crying or laughing, the contestant who won the previous day kisses the love aircraft and wishes to win.

The course is a skeletal structure like this and it is okay even if it goes out of the course, but you need to pass through the loops of checkpoints throughout the course.

The pit-in circle is at the end of the course, and a team that aims to shorten the time by putting a drone in a cushion.

At night, the course glows brightly and the audience gets excited.

The framework that makes up the course is not only an obstacle to the flight path protruding at both ends, but also it moves swiftly and increases the difficulty of flight. Is it possible to dodge the skeleton approaching at 100 km / h ... ....

It was a 15-year-old boy who participated in such a marvelous race from England and got $ 250,000 (about 28 million yen). The second place is the team of the United Arab Emirates hosting country, the prize money is 125,000 dollars (about 14 million yen), the third place is the Russian team, the prize money is 50,000 dollars (about 5.6 million yen), 4th place In the Netherlands team, the prize money of 4th to 8th place is $ 25,000 (about 2.8 million yen) each. In addition to the track race there are also prizes ranked 1st to 5th in the freestyle race, totaling a total of 1 million dollars.

So, although it is number one team "Banni UK" which proved the fastest speed in the world, it is a droning that Mr. Luke Bannister who is a pilot of the team at the age of 15 and flew in the final game, a realistic movie that aerialized the course You can see from below. Although I pinched the pit stop several times, I continued circling the same course with a great speed for nearly 9 minutes, and that concentration is definitely a must-see.

Banni UK's FPV as he takes on Dutch Drone Race Team - YouTube

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