Drone's world championship "Drone Racing League" will be a real live event where audiences can participate in the race with a smartphone or VR headset

A drone-based race is being held around the world, but an international organization on droneInternational Drone Racing Association(IDRA), Dolone World Championship "Drone Racing League"Was announced. Surprisingly, the audience seems to be able to "experience" realistically the situation of the race with the VR headset.

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Drone 's world convention Drone Racing League (DRL) can understand what kind of race it will be in a single shot if you watch the following movie.

DRL: The Sport of the Future | Drone Racing League - YouTube

A glowing object flying at the stadium at high speed.

Drone illuminated with LED light. Drone passes through the gates made of fluorescent light one after another.

Propo to pilot the drones.

The pilot wears a glasses-type headset.

In DRL, flying while watching the camera image on the drone "First Person View (FPV)Piloting will be done with.

Dedicated drone is lighted up with LED.

The sight of the drones flying toward the glowing gate looks like this.

Drone flying swiftly in the indoor. In DRL, pilot images are expected to be live delivered to the audience, and if you use the VR headset you can "join" the race with a feeling of drone racer.

Even a little contact with the gate ......

Drone crashed hard. Since the fluorescent lamp is broken and it goes out, it is clearly understood that the drones collided.

A pilot holding a head.

We are excited to see the picture in the waiting room.

In a competing development ... ....

There is also a crash crash scene in the air.

Just like flying in the sky.

The flight speed of DRL's drone is 70 miles per hour (about 112 kilometers).

DRL will start in 2016 as a world championship in all six races.

The state of the pre-season match that took place before the start of the season of 2016 can be confirmed in the following movie.

DRL: Gates of Hell The Dream Takes Form | Drone Racing League - YouTube

The pre - season match was held at the site of the power station along the Hudson River.

Race in the ruins named "Gates of Hell".

It is contested by six world leading drone pilots gathered from the United States, Brazil, Australia etc etc.

Finally the race starts.

Six drone lines on the ground ... ...

It flew at the same time at the same time as the signal of the start.

In the pilot's image, the ranking, the flying place, the backward camera image, etc. are displayed.

The drones who fly at high speed between fluorescent tubes shining doubtfully.

Suddenly the screen was disturbed.

Drone seems to have crashed.

The course is a complicated layout sewing between steel columns.

Furthermore, since the gate is arranged three-dimensionally, the arm of the drone pilot is likely to be tried.

Warning that you lost the signal.

At the same time it crashed into the wall. Dirty troubles in DRL seem to lead to retirement at once.

Course has outdoor.

Drone that jumped out of the window.

I will pivot along the return pole.

From the window to the interior again.

Complex course layout, so far as I can not tell what exactly is in the camera image.

Small mistakes will be killed in narrow places.

The goal looks like a grid fluorescent light.

It is finally a goal gate that you can finally get through by dragging the drones 90 degrees.

If you mistake the maneuver, it will touch and crash. It is a mechanism that does not determine the game until the end of the last.

The winner is Umma GawdTommy TibajiaMr.

DRL is held in all six races, and the total top pilot given points according to rank in each race is the mechanism that the title of the first DRL is acquired as champion. It is already decided that the opening race will be held in Miami, the second leg will be held in Los Angeles, and the remaining competitions will be announced in the future.

DRL is planned with reference to e sports which has expanded the market scale from year to year. E sports organizes a tournament featuring a prize of 7 million dollars (about 830 million yen), and by movie streaming content such as Twitch it will reach a market size of 380 million dollars (about 45 billion yen) in 2015 From growing up, it is planned that DRL will also share the pilot image of Drone with smartphone and VR headset.

Nick Horbaczewski, who hosts DRL, said, "Live events are exciting things that shake people's emotions, and it will be the key to how to visualize it," adding that the camera and radio technology to be installed in Drone Improve it and plan to visualize a powerful race scene with camera work like F1.

The opening race of DRL will take place at Sun Life Stadium in Miami on February 15, 2016.

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