"Red Bull Air Race 2014" that can enjoy the powerful sky battle final race final report

The world's fastest motor sports called "sky F1"Red Bull Air Race(Air Race) "final round of the 2014 season was held in Austria at Red Bull's knee, finally the 2014 Series champion was decided. Mr. Muroya Yoshihide who participated in the master class only as Asian racer also appeared The series final race Spielberg competition The appearance of the race and the race venue was like this.

Red Bull Air Race

Final race of the air race Spielberg competition will be held on 26th October 2014, F1 as wellRed Bull LinkIt was held in.

Air race is a motor sport where propeller aircraft cross the set course while passing through between pylons and compete for time. You can understand what kind of race is the air race with a single shot if you look at the qualifying articles below.

Red Bull Air Race 2014 called the "sky F1" qualifying for the final race is like this - GIGAZINE

◆ What is a pylon?
In the early morning on the day of the race race, we had a special visit to the pylon.

A pylon filled with air is 25 meters high. Overwhelming presence when looking at near. Materials are different in the vicinity of the apex and the bottom with the cloths joined in a hierarchy. The pylon is about 10,000 euros (about 1.4 million yen) per piece of cloth alone.

Since the Red Bull link is a circuit with a large height difference, the level is adjusted by the base part.

The foundation is composed of iron pipes and inside is like this.

A computer that adjusts the pressure of the air inside the pylon in the foundation. The computer automatically controls the pylon to the correct posture.

I was given a special pylon. This is a door in the center part of the bottom of the pylon. When opening this door, the air pressure inside the pylon falls and the pylon collapses, so the closing of the door needs to be done quickly, and invasion and escape from the pylon is required to be done quickly.

Looking up the pylon from inside it is like this.

The tip was hanging down as there was going in and out.

Aspirate air from here to increase the pressure inside the pylon.

A pressure gauge outside.

It is Honda's to turn the fanGXV 530. In the race it will rotate full in explosion mode to stretch the pylon.

When deflating the pylon, winding it from the tip with this roller prevents the pylon from falling sideways.

A big hole on the side of the pylon. This is a hole for connecting the hose so that the air can be adjusted from the outside in case the computer malfunctions. Until the computer was developed, I always adjusted the air manually with watching the pressure gauge using this hole.

The state of the circuit venue
At the entrance of the main stand, a two-story bus with a flashy air race specification greets the audience.

On the day of the race race was crowded with lots of people from around 10 o'clock in the morning.

The Red Bull link has a lawn slope where the height difference is large, and many people are leisurely in a picnic mode.

A special coffee shop is also open.

The back of the stand was filled with people at 11 o'clock in the morning.

I bought beer ......

While waiting for the start of the race while dining.

I decided to go to the Grand Stand in the west side of the course.

A pylon has already been set up in the course. It is a very nice place of air race to see the whole course and watch the whole part of the race. It does not mean that you can see only a part of the course like F1.

It is also OK to check the race situation such as time with huge display.

Many times I look up to the sky, the customer's sunglasses rate is high.

You can see the pylon of the start gate and finish gate on the front of the ground stand.

Around the Red Bull link are plenty of wonderful views spreading plains like being surrounded by mountains.

Then move to the south side of the course.

Various attractions such as racing carts were prepared in the circuit.

So, I go down the hill to see the inside of the circuit.

Go through the tunnel and go inside the circuit.

This pretty shop is ... ....

Heart mark chocolate and ...

Cotton candy and ...

Sweets shop where various sweets are sold in large quantities.

An attraction just like an amusement park in front of the sweets shop.

There are play equipment which small children can enjoy. I am surprised by the number of people with small children. Air race is a big event that everyone in the family can enjoy.

People who enjoy outdoor live in the center.

thisVolkswagen Type IIThe

Red Bull Bar.

Course of racing cart is also available.

When entering a building written as FAN SHOP ......

Many people.

It is like a shop where you can buy official goods of Red Bull.

This cap costs 24.95 euros (about 3400 yen)

There are many more people who went through the arches that appeared to proceed east along the home straight.

A stage of live was also prepared.

Red bull color demo cars are sliding in the special area.

People taking pictures.

Everything is relaxed as there is a bench in it. The race starts from 1 pm.

A brilliant action of professional riders and race until the race ......

I was able to enjoy simulated running by Red Bull F1 car.

Immediately before the race, a huge plane appeared above the circuit. this isB-25 Mitchell. A bomber used in World War II.

Lockheed P-38 LightningAircraft maniacs and other aircraft that unbearable appeared. These are the founder of Red BullDietrich MateschitzIt is Ms. collection exhibition hallHanger 7I was surprised just to be able to fly in active service with the aircraft rushed from. Anyhow, as Austria in the Red Bull headquarters was held, the magnitude of various events before the race was overlooked.

◆ Race in the race
The final race starts at last. In the qualifying yesterday I watched from the hill on the north side of the course, but the final race came to the starting point on the south side of the course so that the moment of the start and goal can be seen soon.

In the final race, the top twelve of the preliminary rounds compete on a one-on-one basis according to the time of qualifying, the winners of the first round, the first round winner and the top two time players, the winners of the Super 8, Super 8 The winner will decide in a total of three rounds of Super 4 which will be held in the time trial of four passers.

It was Yoshihide Muroya who was seventh in the preliminary round of the day before to attack at the beginning of the first round in a 1: 1 direct confrontation.

Yoshihide Muroya player Air Race 2014 Spielberg Competition Final Round - YouTube

Muroya's time is 58 seconds 335. Meanwhile, opponent defending champion Paul Bonomum is 57 seconds 128. Muroya was unfortunately eliminated in the first round.

You can check the appearance that Bonom who won Muroya player and decided to advance to Super 8 will return home straight to the following movie.

Landing landscape of Red Bull Air Race looks something like this - YouTube

Mr. Muroya said after the race, "Since the temperature was higher than yesterday's qualifying, we assumed that the time would drop (Note: the air will become thinner as the temperature goes up.) In the race I did not get the time However, I do not know where I made a mistake if I look closely at the video, "he looked back at the race result.

After the first round the top time is the local star Hannes Ali.

Super 8 started with eight passers in the first round. The top time was Alhi who blew 56 seconds 701 following the first round. Then Nicolas Ivanov lost the 10th in qualifying. And Martin Sonka, ranking top Nigel · Lam and so on, these four advanced to Super 4.

The third round of Super 4 started at 3:40 pm on October 26, 2014 local time. Ivanov of the top batter is 57 seconds 468. Ram's 58 second 052, Sonka's penalty 57 seconds 704 also added 2 seconds, neither Ivanov's time nor the possibility of winning ceased. And lastly Arhi comes in.

Stand that sends cheers is the character of "GO HANNES". The venue is a "Hannes" call.

When winning, the attack of Alihi where the champion by reversal is decided starts.

Red Bull Air Race by Hannes Ali 2014 Spielberg Competition Final Super 4 Attack - YouTube

Ali's time is 579 seconds 839. In addition, there was a position violation when passing through the 7th gate, sank in 4th place with a 2 seconds added penalty of painfully, the reverse championship disappeared into a dream.

Ivanov who jumped up at a stroke from the 10th place of the previous day and won the championship. On the day of the bad finish I showed a flight of remembrance that exceeds the qualifying time. Ivanov's victory symbolizes the real pleasure of an air race where one reversal can be greatly present.

A 58 - year - old ram who showed a steady strength from the middle stage of the series has decided to win the first champion.

The final round of Red Bull Air Race 2014 which ended with the first crowning of Nigel · Lum The final spief of the Spielberg competition was the race of BS SKY PerfecTV!J SPORTS, Starting from 2 o'clock on October 31, 2014, for 3 consecutive daysFor freeIt will be aired.

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