Race competing for the fastest downhill on ice 'Red Bull Crashed Ice Boston 2019' The final race Summary

The final tournament of a simple and clear sports " Red Bull Crashed Ice Boston 2019 " competing for who is running the ice track fastest is the local time 19:00 on February 9, 2019 (Japan time 10 February 2019 Hour) from Fenway Park in Boston, USA. We watched the finals tournament where a hot battle was unfolded in the field.

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The stadium opens at 17:30 local time.

The audience gathers one after another in the off-season stadium.

Shops dealing with MLB Boston · Red Sox goods are temporarily open.

Some of the goods of Red Bull Crashed Ice were on sale.

Ice track illuminated doubtfully with LED light.

People in the course side

Commemorative photo taken from Uchino seats

You can also watch at the bar counter for VIP.

The first base side on the 4th and 5th floor was the perfect position to overlook the whole course.

The men's final race started from 18 o'clock. The final race starting from "Round of 64" will be held in a tournament manner where the top two players of the four players will advance, the winner will be decided in all five rounds.

In the Round of 64 Heat 1, Cameron Nurses of the past two champion experts showed overwhelming strength and passed in 1st place. We proceeded to "Round of 32".

In the knockdown system where the top two people advance, the 2nd place battle is extremely fierce.

Scott Cloksor of the previous year champion appeared in the second heat. I won without a doubt.

The audience's voltage continues to rise due to the occasional turbulence while a strong person wins in order. Looking at the state of the race from the fourth floor seat is like this.

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When the round of 64 is over, we sing national anthem here. The USA call will take place throughout.

A nurse who won the USA call behind, winning with overwhelming strength. I will boister the audience with a slip that seems like an absolute champion.

Beyond imagination, the game is decided "as powerfully as possible".

However, the two rolls (Cobb) set before the goal is a demon. In the trippy Griigi, players toppled over.

The fallen player will rebuild his position, but the latter player will not miss the opportunity. The battle of the paper excites those who see it.

The turbulence that Marco Delago loses out at the round of 32 heat 5.

Quarter Final (Quarterfinals) In Heat 1, Kyle Crocosol, a champion experienced player, also disappeared.

After the semi-finals (semi-final) there are many pitches of paper by the competent persons, and the athlete who scored a goal is staring at the replay image without being immersed in pleasure.

Among them, a nurse who keeps winning alone with the race development suitable for "victory".

In the semi-finals' heat 1, the direct competition with the biggest competitor Scott Cloksall was also restrained, and the color of disappointment appeared in the defeated Croxsol player.

Japan representative Junko Yamamoto did advance the piece until the small final ... ...

Finish in third place finish. I finished the final round of the seventh place overall.

It was Amanda Torunsoo of the local American who controlled the girl's final (final game).

Men 's small final (5th placed game) is a fierce battle that can be tangled up to the goal.

Tommy Merz of the US took a close battle.

And, it was the local nurse player who took control of the last final event.

The nurse who passed the top of the previous day's preliminary time trial also achieved the full dominance of going through the top and finishing the race in all five rounds since the round of 64.

A state that nursing players taking USA calls can no longer afford their hands. It showed the strength of different dimensions that it seemed to be an absolute champion.

In the awards ceremony, all players are smiling faces.

Red Bull Crashed Ice Boston 2019 closed the curtain leaving behind the excitement of the audience.

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