This is the last Red Bull Air Race Chiba 2019, Muroya's reversal victory and finale, the state of the final match is a haste repo

The final

race of the Red Bull Air Race World Series final championship `` Red Bull Air Race Chiba 2019 '' which will be finished in the 2019 series will be held on September 8, 2019 (Sunday) in Chiba Prefecture It will be held in Makuhari. We have seen the final race of 14 top pilots, including Yoshihide Muroya aiming for the second overall victory.

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The flight course of Red Bull Air Race Chiba 2019 is like this. Enter the course from the left of the image, make 1.5 round trips passing through the pylon, and finish when you enter the Finish Air Gate on the right. The race measures time, but time is added as a penalty if there is a posture error when passing through the gate, excess G (gravity acceleration) or speed on the aircraft, or contact with the pylon.

On the day of the final round, the schedule was changed significantly due to the approach of Typhoon No. 15, the Masters class final race was brought forward, and the Challenger class final race was canceled.

In 2017, Yoshihide Muroya , who became the first Asian champion in 2017, is ranked 3rd overall (55 points) overall. In the qualifying race held on the 7th, he recorded 5th place with a time of 57.570. Muroya received the qualifying, “It was difficult to get through Gate 2 because of the wind, but I think I was able to do my best in today's condition. I will do my best tomorrow, and the results will be after that. '

The champion's most promising candidate is Martin Sonka, who is provisionally ranked first (67 points). In the qualifying race on the 7th, he reached 2nd place with a time of 57 seconds 879. After the qualifying, Sonka said, “It ’s a really interesting racetrack. The training and qualifying changed the wind direction by almost 90 °, so the line changed. I ’m very happy with the results of the qualifying. But it ’s good if everyone thinks it was so fast, ”he commented.

In addition, Matt Hall, who is ranked 2nd overall (61 points), said, “Martin (Sonka) is so fast that it will be difficult to roll back and win the championship. , Yoshi (Muroya player) and myself expected that Martin would miss the point after he was out of the point range, which would have been the case at the end of the first Martin, but the second Martin 'I have recorded a great time, I need to rethink my race aircraft, my line, and my flight style, I'm happy with my flight, I don't think I've lost my time anymore. The important thing is tomorrow.' It is.

The ZOZO Marine Stadium, where the entrance is located, had long lines before it opened.

On the racetrack just after the opening, Masters class players practiced in preparation for the final race starting at 10:00.

At 10: 5, the Masters class finals started. The final was a tournament with 14 players, and the first race 'ROUND OF 14' started with a match between British player Murphy and Muroya. Murphy's time is 57 seconds 897, no penalty.

On the other hand, Yoshihide Muroya also cleared the course with no penalty, but the time was 57.912. Muroya was defeated here with a time difference of 0.015 seconds from Murphy's time. Only 7 winners of ROUND OF 14 and 1 “Fastest Loser” who recorded the fastest time among the losers can advance to “ROUND OF 8” in the second race. If Muroya becomes Fastest Loser, he can advance to ROUND OF 8.

Sonka, who was considered a candidate for victory, played against Nicholas Ivanov. For Ivanov, who recorded 58 seconds 518, Sonka lost a penalty of 1 second with a G (gravity) over at Gate 13 and was delayed by only 0.290 seconds to 58 seconds 808. At this point, Sonka's final loss was decided.

In a match between American Kirby Chambers and Juan Berarde, who scored the fastest time in the qualifying race, the player won the victory with a good time of 57 seconds 306. Since the time of Berarde who lost was 58.180, Muroya decided to advance to ROUND OF 8 as 'Fastest Loser' which gave the fastest time among the losers.

Immediately after the final decision was made, Muroya, who collapsed on the hanger, was shown on the broadcast monitor.

After the end of ROUND OF 16, the Maritime Self-Defense Force rescue flight

US-2 appeared on the sea in Makuhari. He showed me the moment of water landing and water separation in front of the audience.

The following movie is the moment when US-2 actually waters off.

[Red Bull Air Race Chiba 2019] Maritime Self-Defense Forces rescue flight boat US-2 all over the water from Chiba sea-YouTube

Due to the change in schedule, the challenger class final race was cancelled, so the first-placed German Florian Burger became the overall challenger class champion and reached the top of the podium.

The first round of Masters class was a battle between Ben Murphy (UK) and Pete McLeod (Canada). Murphy players added a total of 5 seconds as a penalty for contact with the pylon and the posture when passing through the gate, and a time of 1 minute 4 seconds 248.

On the other hand, it was victory of McLeod player who cleared in 58 seconds 349 with no penalty.

The second round is Yoshihide Muroya and Francois Lebot. The first player, Muroya, is a no penalty, clearing the course in a time of 57 seconds 895.

Lubot, on the other hand, received an additional 5 second penalty for the posture and pylon hit when passing the gate, and lost in the time of 1 minute 2 seconds 963. At this point, Muroya decided to advance to the final race, and the possibility of becoming an overall champion has emerged.

The third match was between Nicholas Ivanov (France) and Kirby Chambers (USA). Ivanov cleared the course with no penalty at a time of 59 seconds 096.

Chanbris also cleared the course with no penalty. The time of 58 seconds 726 was recorded and the final race advancement was decided. .

And the fourth round is a match between Michael Brajo (France) and Matt Hall (Australia) who is temporarily ranked second (61 points). Brajo exceeded the G when passing through Gate 13 and added 1 second as a penalty. The result is 59 seconds 731 time.

On the other hand, the hole player was a no penalty, and cleared the course in a time of 58 seconds 606 and won.

◆ Final
Muroya player is the top batter. Clear with no penalty showing a smooth flight. The time is 630 for 58 seconds.

The flight that Muroya actually showed in the final can be seen in the following movie.

[Red Bull Air Race Chiba 2019 Final] Yoshihide Muroya-YouTube

Next was a flight of McLeod. It shows a good start, but hits the pylon at Gate 2.

In addition, it was not possible to pass through Gate 12 horizontally and received an additional penalty of 5 seconds in total, resulting in a time of 1 minute 4 seconds 028.

And the third to fly is Changbris.

Chanbris cleared with no penalty of 59 seconds 601 and recorded the time after Muroya.

And the following movie shows the flight that Hall players competed with Muroya and the annual general champion.

[Red Bull Air Race Chiba 2019 Final] Matt Hall Player-YouTube

Hall players cleared the course with no penalty, but the time was 1 minute 0 seconds 052. The result of the Hall player final was 3rd place.

At this point, Muroya won the Red Bull Air Race Chiba 2019 victory. However, in the 2019 overall ranking, Hall players will be 81 points, Muroya players will be 80 points, Hall players will be the 2019 overall champion with a 1 point difference. Muroya adorned the endless beauty with a dramatic development suitable for the last Red Bull Air Race World called “Chiba Tournament Reverse Winning from Fastest Loser”.

Mr. Muroya is on stage at the press conference with the Red Bull Air Race Chiba 2019 Masters Class Champion Trophy.

Muroya exchanged a good hug with Matt.

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