Japan's first Red Bull Air Race 2015 Chiba · Final race Maru Hikari Report

The fastest motor sports on earth "Red Bull Air Race (Red Bull Air Race)Finally landed in Japan. Asia's first air race pilot ·Yoshihide MuroyaThe race of the air race / World Championship 2015 "2nd Race in Chiba" to participate in the competition was held today at Makuhari Seaside Park in Chiba Prefecture on May 17, 2015 (Sunday). The appearance of the race is like this.

Chiba City | Red Bull Air Race

You can understand what kind of motor sports "air race" is by watching the following movie.

Red Bull Air Race Chiba / Red Bull Air Race 2015 TVCM - YouTube

The qualifying which took place on May 16, 2015 the day before was a difficult race while the wind was changing rapidly due to bad weather. You can understand the situation of the qualifying, such as the development of the turbulence where leading players can not extend the time, by looking at the following articles.

Finally "Sky F1" Red Bull Air Race will be held for the first time in Japan, reporting the status of the qualifying as quickly - GIGAZINE

Arrived at Makuhari Seaside Park. The weather is sunny.

A pylon welcomes you at the gate of the superior area.

There was not yet a pylon around 9 am.

Wind was not strong, it became a perfect air race day.

The venue is largely divided into two areas.

On the west side of the course is a free seat.

We will watch everyone laying leisure seats etc etc.

Pylon is a good position in front of you.

The area A will be in front of the pylon.

The front row is fully occupied at 10 o'clock in the morning.

There is also a big display in the hall, so you can see the situation of the race from anywhere.

The "Air Gate" made of pylon is seen beyond the beach.

The pylon is self-sustaining with air, made of special material cut immediately as soon as the aircraft touches.

Ships have gathered one after another in the offshore area.

Speakers that enhance the presence are everywhere, so you can enjoy air racing in any area of ​​the venue.

People who support Muroya player. "I like sports, so I am looking forward to air racing!" I was talking.

People enjoying air racing in an unexpected form were seen there quietly.

In the back of the course is the Red Bull image BMW mini.

This is a booth that sells Red Bull drinks.

It is cold well.

Various Red Bull Drink.

Of course, there is also alcohol.

Corner to collect garbage and ... ...

There is smoking space.

Shop selling official goods of Red Bull. Most of the goods are sold out at 10:20.

Next entered the superior area.

Chairs are set up in the superior area.

Sit down at your favorite seat and OK.

The chair in the superior area ......

You can change the angle with this feeling.

However, as the sun was pretty tough, we saw many umbrellas as well.

In front of the superior area, "Muroya Yoshihide cheering area"

Muroya player's flag is attached to the chair.

Yoshihide Muroya The list band of the guests in the cheering area is black. For each area, wristbands with different colors are substituted for tickets.

◆ Round of 14
The first round of the fight fighting from 13: 5 in 1: 1 knockout system starts 14.

Defending champion Nigel Lam was defeated in the first round. However, among the losers, we decided to advance to the round of 8 in the top time.

Yoshihide Muroya's attack on us.

I will also watch overboard ships.

Course record faster than anyone who is flying. Of course I decided to win and decided to advance to the round of 8.

Paul · Bonomu's attack flight of aiming for the second consecutive victory over the opening game is like this.

Red Bull Air Race 2015 Chiba · Final Match Paul · Bonomu's R14 Attack - YouTube

Round of 8 starts at 15:05.

· Round of · 8 Fight card
Michael · Goulian VS Matt · Hall
Yoshihide Muroya VS Paul Bonomum
Kirby Chambliss VS Matthias Doddler
Nigel Lamb VS Nicholas Ivanov

◆ Round of 8
The round of 8 of the second round of the heat system of the knockout system which is carried out by the eight of the winner of the round of 14 and the loser of the loser revival started.

Mr. Muroya Yoshihide 's Round - of - 8 attack can be confirmed in the following movie.

Red Bull Air Race 2015 Chiba · Yoshihide Muroya's Round of 8 Attack - YouTube

Muroya's flight that appeared to be the attack of whole body, exceeded 10 G, so it was regrettable DNF (Did Not Finish). Although it was Bonomu who was an opponent who almost decided to win, I blew out 51 seconds 302, which exceeds Muroya's time, and entered the final 4.

Final 4
The race is finally the final 4 of the time trial by the top 4. It seems that the sky of Chiba where strong winds blowing over 10 meters per second will affect the results of the race.

Bonomu who finished second was 51 seconds 502. The mat and hall player was 51 seconds 884, and Matthias Doddler was 51 seconds 903, the possibility of the victory disappeared.

Let's leave Nicholas Ivanov of the top qualifying top try.

Red Bull Air Race 2015 Nicholas Ivanov - YouTube at the end of Chiba · Final 4

Ivanov is DNF with overworked 10 G over. At this moment Bonomu's 2nd opening race was decided.

·Final result
First place:Paul Bonomum
Second place:Matt Hall
3rd place:Matthias Doddler
4th:Nicholas Ivanov
5th place:Nigel Lamb
6th place:Michael Goulian
7th place:Kirby Chambliss
8th place:Yoshihide Muroya
9th place:Juan Berarde
10th place:Martin Sonka
11th place:Hannes Alihi
12th place:Pete McLeod
13th place:Peter Beznay
14th place:Francois Rubot

◆ Players Press Conference
After the race, three top players and Petr Kopstein who controlled Muroya player · Challenger's Cup appeared at the press conference hall.

Always cool Paul · Bonomu players too. He said that he remembered his home country Britain in Chiba 's changing climate. I told the Chiba Games that it was a special race as I got a 60th race milestone.

Matt Hall, second place player. It is said that participating in Chiba with his family.

In the race, luck was told that Matthias Doddler of 3 rd place. Although there was no luck in Abu Dhabi in the opening game, I heard that there was luck here in Chiba.

Coppstein who told me that it was a long wish to come to Japan. In the future, we are expected to step up to the master class.

And lastly we are waiting for you Mr. Muroya. "First of all I thank you for letting me race in the sky of Chiba.Although there were various walls before the opening of Japan, I appreciate the Japanese team who overcame it.As a result of these efforts, I got a lot of people to see the air race.The team room shop got stronger with the sponsorship and I took a big step in Chiba and I got the response with the result of the next connection I was able to do it. "

The air race which finished the 2nd championship championship was contested in 8 races and intense fight seems to be fought in the future.

I hope to see Red Bull Air Race come back to the sky of Chiba next year as well.

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