Finally "Sky F1" Red Bull Air Race was held for the first time in Japan, reporting the status of the qualification as quickly

The maximum gravitational acceleration applied to the pilot at the maximum speed of 370 kilometers is 10 G which is ten times the body weight, competing for extreme technology while challenging the limits of the body The fastest motor sports of the earth "Red Bull Air Race (Red Bull Air Race)"Landed in Japan for the first time. As the Asian first air race pilot'sYoshihide MuroyaAthlete's World Race Championship 2015 "Second Round in Chiba" was held at Makuhari Seaside Park on Saturday, May 16, 2015 on the first day of the race.

Chiba City | Red Bull Air Race

You can understand what kind of motor sports "air race" is by watching the following movie.

Red Bull Air Race Chiba / Red Bull Air Race 2015 TVCM - YouTube

The Air Race World Championship, which has been restored for the first time in three years since 2014, was held in 8 countries around the world and won 12 points, 2 points, 9 points, 3 points 7 points, 4 points 5 points (1 point The points are given according to the ranking and the pilots who gained the most points shine for the world champion. And in 2015, the air race world championship was finally being held for the first time in Japan.

◆ Method of qualification and final
The air race · world championship is preliminary contested by 14 pilots, and the opponent of the final is decided in order of the time. Qualifying is a simple time trial method and ranked in order of time. First of all, in the finals that will be held the day after qualifying, a one-on-one match called "Heat method" is carried out. Seven winners of "Round of 14" in which seven pairs of heats are carried out, with the first place in the qualifying time ranked first in the VS, the second in the VS 13, and the seventh winners of the "Round of 14", the most time among the rounds of 14 losers By the one who was quick, elected the top four pilots in "Round of 8" fighting again by heat method. The winner is decided by time trial by the four winners who survived.

The course layout of the Chiba convention is like this. Although the straight line is based on a simple layout, how to control the wind blowing in Tokyo Bay seems to be the big key.

The state of the hanger before the qualifying starts
Arrived at Red Bull Air Race Special Aerodrome in Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture. The pilots took off Urayasu, it takes about 3 minutes to aim for the course of Makuhari.

Unfortunately, it is a light rain in the morning.

A "hanger" where pits are lined up.

The pit of Hannes Alihi who missed the title regretly the previous year.

The machine is "EDGE 540 V 3" used by many air racing athletes

Tennis ball at the end of the main wing.

Defensive champion Nigel Rum player's pit.

The machine is "MXS-R". Carbon parts It is a lightweight aircraft with its own use.

Winglet of wing is characteristic.

Rum players who responded to the interview seemed very relaxed.

Paul · Bonomu's pit who controlled the air race · world championship 2015 opening game.

Bonomu also relaxed mood.

Machine is EDGE 540 V2. The old-fashioned machine while controlling the opening game is indeed flipped over as much as 16 wins virtuous winning times.

Mitoya's pit is like this. The number number is "31"

I brought the long-awaited new model EDGE 540 V 3 in Chiba.

Shiny aircraft.

Muroya player appears ... ...

A mountain of people in no time.

"The condition of the new car is good, Japanese fans' cheering will boost the pressure rather than pressure."

Pit of the first world champion · Peter · Beznay player called "Air Race's Godfather".

The machine was developed as a bezenai exclusive machine "Corvus Racer 540"

Above the fuselage is a climb of "Beznay group".

Last game of last year "Spielberg Competition"Nicolas Ivanov's pit of the player.

The aircraft of black × orange shines very much in the sky.

Mattias Doddler's pit.

Machine is EDGE 540 V3.

Dhodhla player. The pilots are all relaxed atmosphere. It was raining while the rain started.

◆ Training session
Pylon floating in the park of Makuhari Seaside Park. The pilots orbit around the course set with this pylon. In addition, if you hit a pylon it will be a penalty of 2 seconds addition.

This is a pylon that also serves as a start and a goal.

Numerous vessels berthing off the coast.

The rain stopped and a training session (practicing flight) started around 2 pm.

Pilots who were unable to fly on the previous day due to bad weather are this the first sky of Chiba. The wind blowing in Tokyo Bay is a rather cumbersome pattern.

A pylon hit followed.

However, a pylon repair professional called "air gator" restores with a shabby.

Independence when air is sent to the pylon.

It's restoration in a few minutes.

The state of the training session from before the start gate is like this.

Red Bull Air Race World championship 2015 in Chiba's test flying situation - YouTube

◆ Qualifying
The qualifying starts soon. Now move to the end of the course opposite the starting point.

It was Nicholas Ivanov who blew out the qualifying top time.

Air Race 2015 - Race 2 Chiba's qualifying top is Nicholas Ivanov - YouTube

I was the top time Ivanov player, but the second one could not extend the time with a pylon hit. The pylon is made of special material which is cut at the moment the airframe touches for safety.

A customer watching pylon recovery. 60 thousand people visited on the first day.

You can see the early work of the Air Gator in front of you.

Pilots in the second half can not extend the time as I thought because of the strong wind.

And Muroya player appeared ninth.

Muroya's first qualifier is like this.

Air Race 2015 · Yoshihide Muroya's first attack of Chiba Preliminary 2nd Championship Attack - YouTube

Muroya player who receives overwhelmingly big cheers.

But I could not extend my time. I had put out the 51 second range in the training session, but the qualifying session ended ninth in 52 seconds 429.

Defending champion Nigel Ram also has no time growth.

Hannes Alihi, 2nd in the previous year's series, is penalized for a 2-second penalty.

Meanwhile, Paul Bonomu, the champion of the opening game, who attacked at the end got 3rd in 51st 653. How, tomorrow 's Final Round of 14 was the 12th place qualifier Al Hu.

The qualifying result is as follows.

First place:Nicholas Ivanov 51.102
Second place:Matthias Doddler 51.530
3rd place:Paul · Bonomum 51.653
4th:Matt Hall 51.951
5th place:Michael Goulian 52.014
6th place:Martin Sonka 52.024
7th place:Kirby Chambliss 52.086
8th place:Juan Berarde 52.106
9th place:Yoshihide Muroya 52.429
10th place:Pete McLeod 52.614
11th place:Nigel · Lum 53.375
12th place:Hannes Ali 53.416
13th place:Peter Beznay 55.183
14th place:Francois Rubot DNS

◆ Players Press Conference
After the qualifying, Ivanov of 1st place, Ram player of defending champion, Muroya played a press conference.

"It was a pleasure to know that there are many air race fans in Chiba," Ivanov said.

Lam players look like they think staring.

I felt unexpectedly pressured in today's race.

Muroya said, "It is impressive that we have been attracted to Japan for the past 6 years, but the race has already begun.When it is encouraging to support many people, it is helpful for motivation keeping I wanted to make the new aircraft in time for Chiba, the new machine was sponsored by Breitling Falken, and there was support from all of Japan, I will focus on the race tomorrow. "

"Race director Steve Jones said," The Japanese course venue is wonderful, I think that we can hold air racing in Japan next year. "

The final of the Air Race World Championship 2015 "Second Round in Chiba" will be held on May 17, 2015 tomorrow, the scene of the race is scheduled to be broadcast from 8 pm on NHK BS 1. Of course, the state of the final is also planned to be posted, so please look forward to it.

Air Race World Championship 2015 - NHK

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Japan's first Red Bull Air Race 2015 Chiba · Final race Maru Okari Report - GIGAZINE

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