Red Bull Crashed Ice Boston 2019 'in which hot battle is spreading on ice What is the result of Japanese players?

The final race of the 2018 - 2019 season of Red Bull Crashed Ice (Red Bull Crushed Ice), the best race of the simple and clear ice crest and deep ice crown and downhill to slide down the huge ice course and compete for that speed It is held in Boston, USA. The appearance of the qualifying that Japanese players also appeared was like this.

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· Training - rain started from morning on the 7th when the qualifying time trial will be held.

A training session began as the rain started. The athlete goes up the stairs set in the right middle and heads to the start gate.

In the training run, female athletes who overturned the balance in a straight line part of "KIA DROP" "BOSTON DROP" and ended falling out.

· Time Trial - After the training is over, the time trial is finally started. Two slips and time wins from the top players and enters the final tournament. Players who failed to decide on the final in time trials will fight again with the final chance qualifier (LCQ) going to the final.

I felt it was going to be one of the game points by looking at the time trial, a big dropping sharply down like a cliff in the latter half of the race.

Many players toppled over were seen. It is a place that seems to greatly influence the game.

In the "THIRD BASE SPINE" following the drop, the players who tilt the knee diagonally and clear it with the shortest distance.

Scott Cloksor of the previous year champion was vigorously colliding with the wall at this place.

Because I am competing against the time to cut time, even the champion seems to be next to crash.

And it is likely to become the biggest mountain range of the course of the tournament, because two cobs (rolls)

The first Cobb has a considerable height, scooping athletes' feet.

Some players collapsed the balance and crashed into the wall behind the goal gate. This course has become a design that can have a big turbulence before the goal.

· Tour of the course - After the time trial, the weather recovered sharply from noon. It became clear weather with no clouds.

At the timing before qualifying starts, we will take a tour around the course.

Towards the start gate, look up at the scaffolding that you built up and go up the stairs.

U-turn right after the start was a "wall" with a hard bank angle. I will have a feeling that a fierce battle will arise that will compete for the shortest route.

As the sun comes out, ice starts to melt quickly. Therefore, although we block the sunlight with the seat, the wind near the start of 20 meters above the ground was strong and the staff was busy stopping the seat.

A surface that shines like a mirror.

Get off the line at a stroke and go down ......

When going up a slope ......


A further drop there is a drop of 45 degrees

And it is the goal gate ahead of the two rolls.

Ladies' Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) began at 18 o'clock local time.

Yamamoto Junko passes the LCQ at the top. I decided to go brilliantly and finally.

And since midnight, boys' LCQ started.

The race of deployment continuing tangle up to the goal will continue.

Japanese samurai samurai passed the second corner in the second place, but unfortunately they were reluctantly defeated as a result of a rush of a faint crash in front of the goal.

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Masaki Azaki , Masahito Suzuki, Masao Yamauchi , the men's national team, unfortunately lost qualifying. It will take expectations for the final round of the girls' Junko Yamamoto.

The state of the final tournament of Red Bull Crashed Ice Boston 2019 will be live broadcast from 10 am on February 10, 2019 at Japan Time on the following Red Bull TV.

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Red Bull Crashed Ice Boston 2019 GIGAZINE is interviewing on site. Since the pattern of the race will be posted from time to time, following the official GIGAZINE Twitter and Facebook can help you access the latest information.

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