I went to the festival "DJI EXPO" of the drone pilot who can experience drone races and workshops

August 1, 2015 (Saturday), a drone fan event in the ski resort area about an hour and a half from the city center "DJI EXPO"Was held. At the venue, a drone experience event that makes use of the vast premises, and a drone with no chance to see it in JapanDrone raceIt was to be held so we saw what kind of event it is.


It was in Minamiuonuma-shi, Niigata Prefecture that was the venue this timeMaiko Snow Resortwas. It is a resort facility that is located at 20 minutes by bus and taxi from the Echigo Yuzawa station on the Joetsu Shinkansen line and about one and a half hours from central Tokyo.

When arriving at the venue, in front of the arch, a PR Lyu Character of Minami Uonuma City "Komotsugu kimiWelcomed the participants.

As the name suggests, Maiko Snow Resort, as its name suggests, is a place where many people fill in as a ski resort in winter, but in the summer it is possible to enjoy the drone by making use of the site. Approximately 500 people applied for this DJI EXPO, so many participants visited the actual venue.

In the venue of the day, anyone can freely drown "Free Fly Zone"And actually racing with the drones"Drone Race"Areas are set up, you can experience the real sessions with the drone beginners and those who want to fly the drones from now on"New Pilot Experience"It has become possible to attend from beginners to experts.

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Free FlyWhen I visit the zone ......

The ski slopes covered with pure white snow in winter, this day was a vast drone field covered with turf.

It was impressive that the participants brought in their own drones and were doing their own way of enjoying each.

While walking through the venue, somehow electric cars"Tesla Model S"There was also a figure that participants actually took a test ride. As I asked, I was driving a car from the city center for this event. It may be that it is an electric-powered vehicle connection.

And next to the Free Fly zoneDrone RaceI came to the area. OverseasA drone race showing steady spreadThere was a lot of participants and visitors gathered because the fact that it was actually carried out even in the country and tours were possible.

The race field of this day is like this. Drone who started the start line laid on the ground first passes through the gate and is the rule of victory of those who made three laps ahead of the flags set up two lines. Although it is a simple course setting this time, it seems that it may be a little more complicated course when it is held indoors.

Looking at the course from the position where most pilots were standing is like this. Even so, being able to let the drones fly in such a vast place is a really fascinating environment.

There was also a time measuring instrument at the gate, and a rather serious atmosphere was drifting.

And in the race of this day, products were prepared for the pilot who went from 1st place to 3rd place. To the winners, delicious rice "Tenku" with 5 kilos and 10,000 yen and "Hakkai mountain" for sake, Amazon's gift certificates and DJI notebook in the second place, Hachihama in the second place, and Muku "Dolone aerial camera introduction" in the third place And Hakkaisan are to be presented respectively.

Pilot and its drone to the start position. Although the event itself was sponsored by DJI, participation in the race is of course OK for any manufacturer's aircraft. There were also figures of people bringing in the race drone of Bali Bali which is used abroad. The phenomenon of the astounding flight is the movie of the latter half.

From the top of the hill, the figure of "Komotsugu kun" watching the state of the race in the hot. It was awfully fine this day and the temperature rose so fast that it is hard for you to komekita but it was a perfect doll day.

The race started with fans and race fellows watching.

DJI Phantom 2 flying away with an unexpected momentum from the image "aerial drone". On the day, a slightly stronger wind blowing towards the pilot side from the back of the field, sometimes a hard crash occurred in a slightly difficult condition to fly the drones, but everyone seemed to have been enjoying racing happily did.

There are also races where two DJI Phantom 2s will fierce dead heat. There were times when I was watching and had a moment to grasp the sweat really in my hands, and in spite of myself I sometimes called "Oops!"

In the meantime, it was this aircraft that had an unusual atmosphere. It is a drone "Lumenier QAV 250" of perfect race type equipped with a carbon fiber frame on a high power specification motor, which is actually used in drones racing in Europe too.

It is said that the aircraft carrying only the necessary items to cut off unnecessary parts and fly, the weight of the aircraft is very lightly finished.

Two pilots of the Oka chapter (Takafumi) player and Toru Takahashi (Toruhi) player who can also be said to represent the domestic drone race by chance to race with such aircraft.

Both left in the morning race in the final game, challenging the final with a win. You can see that in the movie below, but it is a must-see for the mobility of threats that only the racing machine can and the technique to manipulate it.

Astounding mobility that a complete racing machine shows at a drone race held at "DJI EXPO" - YouTube

So, the winner in the morning was Oka. Both names are not only in the world of drone, but also they are central figures in the radio control helicopter world.

Mr. Oka is a pilot who has a track record in shooting the best in the acrobat category of the radio control helicopter. You can see a part of the flight with the following videos, but it's amazing at a level you can not understand at all what you are saying, clearly speaking.

Oka Sancho player 3DX-Japan 17-year-old Takafumi Oka & his T-REX 700 - YouTube

In the afternoon session, both teams won the final and Takahashi beat Oka to win the championship. Commemorative photo with the prize winner together with "Komatsugu kun" that interrupted well.

Komatsugu, a valuable shot that holds the drone of Takahashi player in hand and fits in the picture. It seems to be quite active in service spirit.

Kuroda, the Japan Drone Race Association who operated the race at the venue, said, "I would like to extend the race with such a fun drone in Japan as well, although there are parts that are centered on Kanto now, We would like to promote such events in Japan together with the manufacturers etc. We will expand the circle by actively participating in such occasions as this time and the law revision will take place in the future Race while watching the video of the cameraFPV raceI would like to appeal to be able to hold the event, "he told the prospect.

Japan Drone Championship | startup community creww

New Pilot ExperienceWe also infiltrate a bit in the training hall. The course itself is an agency of DJISekidoIt looks like it was in charge.

A total of 3 classes were held on the day, and about 30 people participated in the second visit. From child to unexpectedly older people, I was surprised a little though there were a wide range of participants.

The content of the course was carried out in accordance with the program provided by DJI and it was explained from opening of the drone actually bought, setting, initial setting, operation of the application, notes on flight and so on.

After the lecture, I went outside and an experience flight was held to try out the drones. It is a pretty valuable opportunity for those who have never touched the drone.

Received the support of the staff, and enjoyed the flight was seen here and there.

With such a feeling, at the venue it was an event that had a more relaxed atmosphere centered on drone. Although it is a drones that sometimes makes the world troubled, if it keeps even basic rules, it should become a really fun and convenient tool, so it was a drone event that I expected to expect in future development.

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