Murder suspect who appealed the state as having weighed down to 140 kilos in prison

A person accused of murder in prison decreased to 418 pounds (about 187 kilograms) to 308 pounds (about 140 kilograms) while he was in the office, so prosecuting Arkansas state as having arrested and hungry It seems to be.

Details are as below.Superchubby inmate sues over 'starvation'

Broderick Lloyd Laswell, who entered Benton County Prison in Arkansas on suspicion of murder, filed a lawsuit that he lost about 47 kilograms in eight months and did not give adequate food. "When I started exercising, my vision had been going to lose my blurred consciousness many times, after 1 hour of meals my belly rang and my stomach hurt," Laswell says.

Laswell suspects his weight loss

"It's not going to lose weight all day though it's put in a small room all day and I do not do much exercise, because I lost my weight here literally just before the starvation," Laswell suspected and biscuits and I am dissatisfied with the small size of the cake.

The prison director speaks that the inmates obtain an average of 3000 calorie diet a day.

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