Headline news on 30th April 2008

A terrestrial digital tuner that can also be used for PC display from IO dataHVT-T 100It is said that it will be released from late May at a relatively inexpensive price of 15,700 yen. There are D video output terminal, S1 / S2 video output terminal, RCA terminal on the main unit, and comes with the AV cable as an attachment, but for use as a PC, it uses an optional display output conversion cable "MA - D 2 A" RGB cable, stereo cable is required.

If you wait, there will be a cheaper higher-performance tuner will be released, but from this JulySubtitles are attached to analog broadcastingIt seems like a person who can not be patient may want to buy it.

So, tomorrowMay 1st. On May 1st 1 year ago GIGAZINE wrote such an article.

A movie that shows how much the video on television is being processed - GIGAZINE

What would you like to choose from among the 150 famous buildings in America? - GIGAZINE

I tried to eat heated stationary valve which seems to have Sposhusho smoke from one end - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Vocational training to lose you unknown - pha's NEIT JAPANESE(Explain in detail the actual contents of work, vocational training system)

Think about how you earn in the "free content" era? Internet - latest news: IT-PLUS(Copyright, "illegal copying on the Internet should be considered as the same promotion as music flows free on television and radio", but in that opinion attitude to seek survival is different from Japan )

Inconsistent click-priced advertisement | WIRED VISION(Advertisement, rules to prevent you to let people know you are the main part of advertisement)

Funny Nidec's sayings - incarnation, why are you serious?(It was a company that grew up with a policy such as "Working," If other companies are working for 8 hours, our company works twice for 16 hours ")

Waranos Yosshi "I think that it is a worthwhile role"(The stuff, supporting supporting members appearing in Mario speak seriously about their existential significance)

Working poor, poverty is self-responsibility vs anti-poverty ("watching live television until morning") |(Caused by labor and the fact that the government does not recognize poverty as a social problem)

There is still such a high interest moneylender in the world! - isologue - by Tetsuya Isozaki Office(Finance, 300% or 400% on an annualized basis legal)

Kyoto service of 10 million users scale - What Hatena Kondo aims for: Interview - CNET Japan(Interview, it seems that I could not concentrate while in Tokyo)

Public opinion findings, major differences in interview and internet use: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Questionnaire, it turns out that there are cases where bias may come out)

Successful success of personal site "decades"? ─ ─ The destination of "Order I saw."(Example of working well, using well-known degrees gained at individual sites)

How to distinguish blogs that will not follow - Oyajiman no choke(Blog, when it comes to excuses and ends)

Slashdot · Japan | 2008 "Public invitation to discover and develop untapped IT talent" started(IT, recruitment requirements are slightly changed)

Why does the link of the Japanese newspaper site go out - Nobuo Ikeda blog(Because media and past articles are made into a database and sold)

Technology supporting Google Google world inside the huge system (WEB + DB PRESS plus series) - Footy everyday(We abandon technology, versatility)

【Interview】 What is the global standard English proficiency advocated by Kaplan Japan (part 1) | Life | My com journal(Language, reason why teaching to decrypt reading English is not good at English)

【Report】 South Korea 'Auction' Aftermath of the Hacking Incident - Damage to Cheong Wa Dae Website Discovered | Internet | My Computer Journal(Security, after the case that more than 10 million personal information leaked in Korea)

Personal information leak not stopping in Korea - Major telecommunications company without customer information unauthorized ...... | Internet | My Communication Journal(Security, head office employees themselves are responsible for internally)

A painful news (No ∀ `): 【Torch relay】 Beat Takeshi, criticizing Kin-chan with a stroke" This person is funny, although it is a comedian, only love and tears are funny and inchy kooks, enthusiastic enthusiasts are not funny "(Current affairs, Beat Takeshi Metta slashing column "Takeshi Metta slashing! Kin-chan enthusiast" from the disqualification)

Asahi.com: "Flame cheering party" After all mobilization Chinese authorities charge travel expenses - international(Olympics, various support by Chinese authorities turned out)

Beijing Olympic gathering criticism, sponsor company waiting for calm International News: AFPBB News(Olympic Games, Reason Why There is No Company Appealing to the Chinese Government)

Detective File - Abuban Detective - / Moon Man The Moon Guards the torch! Oonumi(Olympic Games, Actually different from being reported)

President Putin "North Korea can not forgive" abduction issue "rage" Japan-Russia summit talks - MSN Sankei News(I showed an idea that I would not spare cooperation towards resolving the abduction issue, abduction issue)

"ELECTRIBE" which should be finished production, popular resurgence with Nico Douga "It can not be helped" - ITmedia News(Music, the good side of the net that the original goodness of the thing itself is rediscovered was reflected)

【Report】 MySQL utilization case seen in Facebook data center - MySQL conference (1) 4 days full of enthusiasm - MySQL Conference and Expo | Enterprise |(Database, 10,000 web servers + 800 cache servers (memcached) + 1800 MySQL servers running on MySQL server)

Points of caution when using external directory sites for link acquisition | Web contact Forum(Web, determine where to register it is effective)

Advertisement-based free mobile service, subscribers exceed 100,000 in half a year | WIRED VISION(Mobile, free of charge for receiving text and video advertisements)

Does MySQL and the community's discordant business and open source compatible?(I want to get the necessary understanding to do as a community, business but I am struggling)

Slashdot · Japnese | Part of the content that the Suruga Bank appealed for IBM turned out(System, example in which collision did not go well with perfect fitting)

Akihabara's Hoko heaven "The mass communication" ever past(Media, confirmed mass media, NTV, TBS, Fuji Television, Tele Dynasty, Yomiuri TV, Tokyo MX)

Ignoring refusal of interview, keep turning TV camera Nitere(Media, posture to do anything to get the story to broadcast)

A marvelous big fool's minimum system of the cinema complex "Shinjuku Baltic 9" - Miyuki Hiyama's chimaera bred(System goes to the worst result by overlapping with poor design and bad operation)

Increase in the number of young people who use lukewarm cinema instead of love hotel(Culture, used missing the original purpose)

J-CAST News: "Death of Gwangjo Incident Increases to 1.5 People" Questionnaire Associate Professor Aosan Takes Disposal(University, establishing "special committee" to take some measures for consecutive holidays)

The future of "Nikoniko reality" that Nico Nico video and AR (reality extension) technology enables: Column - CNET Japan(Media, consideration on "pseudo synchronization")

Blurred ima at the bottom of the content industry: The third "Overlooked ... ..." - blurs the copyright situation of the base - ITmedia + D Mobile(Copyright, in the publishing industry it is normal to start a job without a contract)

"Vigorant to strong shake", NHK etc. can not make the first emergency earthquake bulletin too late: ITpro(Earthquake, it will not make it in time for various reasons)

4Gamer.net - What is the optimum solution? Explore the best combination of game, OS and main memory capacity(It is possible to obtain an optimum solution by determining what is possible and what is impossible by hardware and software to use)

Men who created Spellanker: Runner's High!: So-net blog(Is game, Islem the source?

Things born because there is inconvenience for "Underwear depiction absolutely no!" - Muggy rice(Expression, showing pants is out, but 'not done' is OK)

Live action film "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni" Sequel planning is ongoing - Famitsu.com(There is a story about a movie, although it has not been screened yet)

The image quality of the Eva New Theater Version DVD seems not to be very good - Natsumikan @ Hatena(Animation, image quality is adjusted rather than original)

5 W 1 H - Sangenjaya Annex to Enjoy 'Library War'(Detailed explanation on animation, the background of library war)

Technology of a voice actor who can act alone as a member(There are also absurd circumstances that even if there are voice actors and techniques, they are deprived of a role to a poor actor due to the problem of famousness)

Dengeki Moe's Appendix 30 "Knee socks book" recorded by Nisso(Moe, using over 30 illustrators)

At that time, when I knew that the price of a single cigarette that casually began to suck is 9 million * The story of the person making the homepage(Money, those who do not smoke are getting it by itself)

【2ch】 New speed quality: nostalgic makes me feel disgusted(It can also be used for images, wallpaper)

A wall that can not be crossed (゜ д ゜): New classroom, actively talk to and make friends! → When I noticed it was isolated(Communication, many frustrated cases are numerous)

Diary that is blown off by the wind: Hydrogen sulfide suicide problem of making social problems(You can not fundamentally solve suicide, thirty thousands people committed suicide unless you do something)

I am in a former shab but have questions? Working Mono News: Life VIP craftsman blog www(Experience talk, it is serious)

High-speed bus guide for people who wish to travel cheaply and comfortably between Tokyo and Osaka - Liner Note(Transportation, actually there is also a feeling of use of the high-speed bus and a photograph and it becomes very helpful)

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