The bathing and sauna which warms the body are found to be beneficial to health as well as the exercise, and it may be effective as a treatment method of diabetic patients

There are several countries where there is a custom of hot spring bathing in hot tubs such as Japanese baths, but warming the body by using a bathtub or entering a sauna is a scientific Research results are being issued one after another.

A hot bath has benefits similar to exercise

Originally, it was thought that warm baths are effective for health based on empirical rules, but research involving scientific experiments has not progressed so much. However, in recent years, various studies have revealed that warming the body which has been said from long ago helps improve health.

Research teams such as Dr. S · H · Falkner of Loughborough University studied the relationship between entering a hot bath and blood glucose control and energy consumption.ExperimentThen, with 14 men as subjects, we measured the blood calories burned and the blood glucose level 24 hours after the examination after two hours of cycling with 40 degrees bathing for 1 hour and after 1 hour of cycling I will. The result was cycling that consumed more calories, calorie burned by bathing for 1 hour was about 140 kcal, although only the effect of about 30 minutes of walking was observed, but with regard to peak blood sugar value, The result revealed that the maximum value is 10% lower than after cycling.

Another research by Dr. Michael Gleason's research team at Loughborough Universitythe studyIt is clear that immunity is improved by "repeated passive heating" that warms the body regularly by bathing etc. In this study, comparison of the degree of anti-inflammatory response that protects the body from diseases and infectious diseases in passive heating and exercise respectively showed that the anti-inflammatory reaction obtained by passive heating was about the same degree as after exercise Thing. To warm the body iteratively,Type 2 diabetesSuggesting that it has the effect of alleviating chronic inflammation occurring in long-term diseases like.

Finnish researchers in sauna powers say that in 2015 men who enter the sauna frequently can improve cardiovascular function thanks to passive heating and reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokesthe studyI have announced. The result of this research is "The regular bathing effect has the effect of lowering blood pressure" issued by the research team of Dr. Vienna Brandt of Oregon University in 2016Presentation of researchHe said that he is further spreading support. After that, Dr. Brant discovered that by receiving passive heating, the concentration of nitric oxide, which is a factor that expands blood vessels and lowers blood pressure, rises. As it is known that type 2 diabetes has a lower ability to reduce nitric oxide, mechanisms that help passive heating lower blood pressure have been pointed out.

Besides the effect on the heart for passive heating, there are research results showing that it is effective for metabolism and better control of blood glucose level. In a study conducted by Philip Hooper, physician at the McKee Medical Center in Colorado in 1999, a 3-week bathing regimen for type 2 diabetic patients showed effects of weight gain, glycemic control, and insulin dependence It was. Dr. Huber presumed that the change in blood flow caused by passive heating was the cause, but he said that he could not identify the mechanism.

Since the research by Dr. Huber, the research on whether passive heating is effective for improving blood glucose control of humans has not progressed, but we used ratsAnimal experimentation, By passive heatingHeat shock proteinIt is confirmed that the number of proteins that express in a stress environment called Protect cells and protect them are increased. Increasing heat shock protein by passive heating is thought to help insulin function in the long term and improve blood glucose control, and as with rats, humans can also warm their body with hot baths and saunas etc. If heat shock proteins increase, it is expected that passive heating can be applied as a treatment tool for patients who are difficult to exercise periodically.

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