Studies have found that those who enter the sauna bath frequently are less likely to be 66% more likely to suffer from dementia than others

ByThomas Wanhoff

The home of sauna bath · The University of Eastern Finland in Finland announces the result of 20 years of follow-up survey for 2,000 people that "the risk of dementia is low for those who frequently use sauna baths" Did. This was the first time that we investigated the relationship between sauna bath and dementia.

Frequent sauna bathing protects men against dementia - News | UEF

Frequent sauna bathing protects men against dementia - Science Bulletin

According to the research team at the University of Eastern Finland, the follow-up survey over the past two decades shows that people who use the sauna bath four to seven times per week have a risk of becoming demented compared with those who use the sauna bath once a week It was found to be as low as 66%.

This survey was conducted as part of the study of risk factor for Kuopio ischemic heart disease (KIHD), targeting 2000 middle-aged men living in the eastern part of Finland. In the survey, we firstly grasp the habits of the sauna baths of subjects, and (1) use the sauna bath once a week "(2) use the sauna bath two or three times a week" ((3 ) Groups that use sauna baths 4 to 7 times a week ", the transition of the health condition after that was tracked.

As a result, the subjects in the group of (3) who use the sauna bath most frequently found the lowest risk of dementia. Subjects in the group of (3) had 66% of the risk of becoming demented and 65% of the probability of becoming Alzheimer compared with the subjects of group (1).

ByMiika Silfverberg

From the results of KIHD's research conducted in the past, it has been found that the sauna bath reduces the risk of death due to sudden cardiac death and coronary artery disease as well as dementia. According to Professor Jari Laukkanen, who led the study, it turned out that the sauna bath protects people at a similar rate with respect to the heart and memory ability, but the mechanism is still mysterious. "However, cardiovascular health is also known to affect the brain, relaxation and health conditions that the sauna bath brings will certainly play a role," Laukkanen says.

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