What can you eat in 200 kilocalories? "This Is 200 Calories" to understand

I care about something to eat daily not only when I diet but also to keep healthy but it is important to become an important factor when considering mealscalorieis. "This Is 200 Calories"In fact, we are visualizing that" how much food is 200 kcal? "About the calories normally heard.

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First of all, 200 kcal of apple. The cut apples are lined up in the dish in a row, and when you eat this much it is likely to be full. You can see why apples diet exists.

On the other hand, cheeses for 200 kcal are modest compared to apples.

Wine is equivalent to 2 glasses of glasses.

When comparing the 200kcal wine, the beer is a bottle a little, the wine is about 2 glasses of glass and the rum is less than half of the glass.

3 eggs.

When comparing what we eat as breakfast, there is no difference in the amount of sweet cereal, oatmeal and dish as much as one dish.

However, the amount of sausage egg muffin that appeared there was half or less and it seemed to be hungry soon.

Broccoli is a heap.

Pizza is one cut.

...... Not a half of one piece, the part where three pieces of pepperoni rested remained.

It was familiar Big Mac that appeared afterwards.

With 200 kcal it became a small mac.

When calculating the amount of energy, 217 Big Macs ......

It is possible to run a car for 35 km.

Here, the question "What is calorie?" Is raised. 1 kilocalorie is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of water by 1 degree.

Even with the same weight, the energy ratio of carbohydrate and protein, fat is different from 4: 4: 9.

Of course it varies depending on your figure, age, gender, but the average calorie required for a day is 2000 to 2700 kcal.

Peanut butter, muffin, and snack confectionery have high calories, so the amount will be slight if there is a limit of 200 kcal.

Meanwhile celery is very low calorie, so it is possible to eat heaping.

Although carrots feel less as compared with celery, it is full of dishes.

Kiss chocolateThere are 8 grains.

Salad can sprinkle three cups of French dressing as a spoon.

Black coffee is also low in calories.

Therefore, in the case of black, the coffee will be quite large.

But adding one cream and one sugar there will reach 200 kcal in just two cups.

Ice · peppermint · white · mocha is 200 kcal in a little amount accumulated in the bottom.

When comparing milk and cola, in fact it is milk that has a lot of calories. It is 200 kcal in an amount less than 1 glass of glass, but it contains nutrition and healthy fat.

In brown bread and white bread, brown bread has higher calorie, one and a half for brown loaves and 200 kcal for white bread in two and a half. However, brown bread has more nutrients and dietary fiber.

So, it may cause health problems not only of taking over calories but it is not simply that the calorie should be low, but you should think about a nutritious balanced diet.

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