It turns out that each person knows which food to get fat, it is obvious that food is not the only cause

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For the modern people, the state of obesity and abnormality of blood glucose level are a major concern in health, and various countermeasures are widely considered. It is said that nutrition management by diet restriction is best known for that method, but in reality the method is not necessarily universal, and it was revealed that the opposite result will be born by some people. Even if I eat the same thing, I know that there are some people who are fat and others that are not, but in the background it seems that certain factors specific to each person are hidden.

Why do people put on differing amounts of weight? - BBC News

◆ Detailed investigation of the reaction between food and body
Saleyha Ashan, a doctor, seems to pay attention to his own health care as well as many people in the world. She says that she always keeps her weight properly is said to be necessary for living a healthy life rather than for aesthetic consciousness.

Ashan who has a chronic illness and has a family with type 2 diabetes says that he is careful about health care by paying attention to what he normally eats. However, it seems that he thought that he had wrong knowledge about "what is diet" about when seeing a friend who does not get fat at all even if he likes as much as he likes .

By the end of 2015, AshanWeizmann Institute of ScienceI visited Israel to join the research carried out by the research team of the US. There, 1,000 subjects were studied, and literally monitoring the state of the body every minute, it means that the influence of food on the body was investigated in detail.

When a person eats something, the ingested food is digested in the body and becomes sugar, and it is sent out into the body by the blood. The value of this sugar is "blood glucose level", but "the speed of blood sugar rising and falling" has a big meaning when talking about health. When the blood sugar level rises sharply in the body, hormone "insulin" to suppress this is secreted. In addition to promoting the synthesis of fat, insulin promotes the uptake of sugar into adipose tissue in the body, so fat accumulates in the body.

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In order not to increase fat (= not to fat), it is important to moderate the rise in blood glucose level, and "GI value (Glycemic index) "Has been advocated. A food with a low GI value suppresses the rise in blood glucose level, so it is difficult for secretion of insulin to occur, making fat difficult to synthesize is a rough flow of logic.

However, according to the research team that Ashan joined, this logic is not that simple. Although the GI value can certainly be an important indicator, it will be clarified from the results of the experiment that the actual situation will be greatly influenced by people.

◆ Even if you eat the same thing, the result obviously becomes opposite by the person
Mr. Ashan, who joined the study, had a physical examination, but in addition it was implanted subcutaneously with a device to measure blood glucose levels. While finely monitoring the condition of the blood using this device, Ashan decided to do a schedule incorporating a special meal program over 6 days. Mr. Ashan joins a team with another woman, Leila, and spends six days taking exactly the same meal in his daily life.

About one week's survey was completed and compared with the data obtained, it turned out that the condition of the blood of the two people was indeed contrasting, although exactly the same meal was taken . For example, for Ashan "pasta" raises the blood glucose valueBad foodIt was, but for Leila of one side there is no problemGood foodThat was. On the contrary, as for Yogurt for Leila, it was good food for Ashan that it was a bad food, and the reaction of the two people was exactly "the opposite". From this state, it is found that the reaction to "high GI / low food" is not the same universal thing for anyone, a fact beyond general understanding has been found.


It seems that the cause of the difference exists in the two "intestines". Both of them had the same meal and at the same time submitted daily waste to the research team. Researchers analyze bacteria and bacteria contained in the two excrement in detail. Then it became clear that the state of the bacteria etc in the intestines of both are totally different.

Humans melt what they ate in their stomachs, digest them while they flow from the small intestine to the large intestine, and absorb nutrients into the body. At this time decomposing food is countless bacteria and bacteria living in the intestine. These bacteria form each "community" in the intestine, and in recent years the term "intestinal flora" has become well known based on the variety of rich composition .

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And it has gradually become clear that bacteria that form this intestinal flora have a function to alter even the response of the body to food. The research team gathers the data of the subjects of hundreds of other people and compares the appearance of the bacteria in the body with the change data of the blood glucose level so that the intestinal bacteria become an important factor in the change in the blood glucose level relative to the food I'm trying to unravel.

As this research progresses, it becomes easy for each person to know what is "good food" and what is "bad food", so that each person can grasp the correct food for himself about. Doing so has the potential to lead us to devising innovative treatment methods for people suffering from diseases such as diabetes as well as daily health care and diet. In addition, the research team is also considering research to artificially replace "intestinal flora". If this is successful, it may be the day that "People will not be affected by health no matter how much they like what they like."

Of course, it is not easy to easily reconfigure complexly intertwined human body mechanisms, and it is not difficult to imagine sometimes involving danger. But as this fact gradually becomes apparent, it seems that there is no doubt that the light of hope that we could not see so far is being seen.


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