Why do you feel hungry when you eat or eat?

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While serving as a professor at Harvard Medical School, at the Boston Pediatrics HospitalNew Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention CenterMr. David S. Ludwig who teaches atNuSIMark I. Friedman, vice president at the company,The New York TimesHe revealed various truths on "obesity and diet" at "Why do you feel hungry when you eat or eat?I am revealing the answer to the question that I'm having trouble.

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◆ Process to become obese
Obesity is the first law of thermodynamics, that is, energy does not appear or disappear when objects changeLaw of conservation of energyIt is said that you can think from. When applying this law of conservation of energy to the human body, "Calorie consumption remaining can be derived by subtracting caloric expenditure from calorie intake" means that calories not consumed can accumulate in the body It will become fat "Process to become obeseThat is exactly this.

◆ Why do you eat too much?
A simple solution to prevent obesity is to save your appetite and avoid eating too much with the power of the will of the will. However, it is easy to imagine that for many people it is an extremely difficult task to live with suppressed appetite for a long time. At present, many people are paying attention to health, government, nutrition group, food industry, etc. all complain about the importance of calorie balance, why do people eat too much? Is it?

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When eating too much, the pressure balance of the liquid of the cell tissue and the blood collapses, the moisture accumulates in the cell tissue and swells "Swelling"Ludwig and Mr. Friedman of the author says that the person with symptoms similar to" why the throat dries even when drinking water "is similar. People with swelling may continue to thirst even if they drink plenty of water, this is because water in the body accumulates in the cell tissue rather than in the blood due to symptoms of swelling, the body needs "moisture Because it misunderstands that there is ", it is said. It seems that a phenomenon similar to this is occurring in the body, feeling hungry and eating even if you eat or eat.

The more you calorie, the less calories you need in the blood circulating in the body. It is not necessary to contain calories inherently, but by accumulating calories as fat in other places rather than in the blood, blood can not supply energy to parts that require all energy in the body, He said he will ask for more calories. In other words, it seems that "I feel hungry because I became fat."

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◆ By adjusting caloric intake
So how can we lose weight? Although I think that many people reduce caloric intake because of diet, reducing calorie intake will succeed short-term weight loss but hunger feeling increases, the body accumulates energy, metabolism is bad Become. This is not a very good condition to keep on dieting continuously. Conversely if you consume a lot of calories, the metabolism will improve, so the calories consumed per day will increase. However, if we do not exercise, we will accelerate the increase of weight more than that. Thus, even if you try to adjust your calorie balance to lose weight, the diet becomes difficult due to the physiological phenomenon trying to return your weight.

Even if you eat too much or you can not eat too much, your weight can not be controlled as you think, so some obese researchers think that 'weight is preset by genes'.

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◆ Insulin and body weight
After all, all biological factors such as genetics, physical activity, sleep, stress, etc. are closely related to obesity. However, there is one that plays a major role in increasing and decreasing only one body weight, which is a type of hormoneInsulinAnd that.

Insulin is a hormone that acts to lower blood glucose levels and is used when treating diabetes. If you take excessive insulin with this insulin treatment, your body weight will increase, and on the contrary if your insulin is deficient your body weight will decrease.

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Carbohydrates are deeply involved with this insulin. Since ingesting carbohydrates increases blood glucose levels, insulin is produced in the body. Increasing the amount of insulin in the body leads to weight gain, so refrain from taking carbohydrates to suppress this,Low carbohydrate dietThere is also a diet method called.

◆ The future of diet
Fats have calories about twice as much as carbohydrates. According to Mr. Ludwig and his colleagues' research, when 21 obese adults were dieted with various diets such as low fat and low carbohydrates, they succeeded in losing 10 to 15%. From the results of this experiment Ludwig and Friedman who understood that it is ok when you go on a diet when you are on a diet will know which nutrient you intend to ingest calories from, what kind of carbohydrates you ingest (those with fast digestion and absorption It seems to be presuming that the increase and decrease in body weight may vary greatly depending on the body weight. It suggests that it may not be necessary to restrict calories and diet as long as the effect on diet greatly changes depending on the type of nutrients and carbohydrates ingested. However, research on nutrients to be ingested seems to be underway, and comments that it is a field to invest heavily and conduct more advanced research.

Two people said that obesity treatment is going to be more dependent on the quality of diet than calorie and in the future a system that can control body weight by strictly controlling "what you eat" must also be born, I said.

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