50 Historical inventions of computer science to change the world in which MIT was involved

ByFrancisco Diez

MITofComputer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)Symposium organized byCOMPUTING THE FUTURE"Will be held from May 28, 2014, 50 innovative inventions have been announced that MIT has been involved in the development of computer science that is innovative in the development.

50 ways that MIT has transformed computer science: the countdown to our MAC50 celebration! (May 28-29) | MIT CSAIL

It is regarded as the world's oldest computer "Whirlwind"Developed by MIT.

Fax technology developed by MIT's international student Sam Asano was licensed to NTT.


03:video game(1962)
World's first video game "SpaceWar!You can play on the following site.


04:Time sharing system(1963)
A system that shares computers with multiple peopleCTSSIt spreads quickly all over the world.

ByMarc falardeau

Professor Kobe Culbert of MIT devised a password to use on a computer so that each person can use his / her account at CTSS.

ByMarc falardeau

06:Graphical user interface (GUI)(1963)
An innovative program said to have changed the way people interact with computersSketchpadThe demonstration by Dr. Eyban Sutherland developer of the following is as follows.

Ivan Sutherland: Sketchpad Demo (1/2) - YouTube

MIT researchers also participate in the development of the UNIX predecessor OS "Multics".

The world's first commercial minicomputerPDP-8"Developed by MIT's Lincoln Institute.

09:Computer Chess(1965)
Software that beat the human with the first chess tournament "MacHackIs MIT'sRichard GreenblatDr. developed.

ARPANET, the origin of the Internet, was developed by professors at MIT.

E-mail began to be used as an exchange of information between users at CTSS.

ByLea Latumahina

12:Personal computer (PC)(1973)
Alan KayMr. prototype for the Dynabook project "Alto".

PARC laboratory which developed EthernetRobert MetcalfMr. is from MIT.

ByMegan Elizabeth Morris

14:Robot arm(1974)
The pioneer of the robot arm is MIT's "Silver Arm"

15:Text to Speech (TTS)(1976)
Reading machine "Kurzweil Reader" which is the prototype of TTS can be confirmed in the following movie.

Riverpoint Campus Library Machines: 2. Kurzweil Reader - YouTube

16:Data encryption(1977)
Public key cryptosystemRSA encryptionInventedRonald RivestMr. MIT currently is Professor of MIT.

ByIntel Free Press

17:TCP / IP(1977)
The creator of TCP / IP,Robert KahnHe taught at MIT.

18:Spreadsheet software(1979)
World's first spreadsheet software "VisiCalcAlso developed by MIT.

19:LISP machine(1979)
Programming languageLISPGeneral purpose computer LISP machine that can use efficiently MITArtificial Intelligence Laboratory(AI Laboratories) developed by Richard Greenblood and Tom Knight.

20:Optical mouse(1980)
Steve Kirsch who invented optical mouse was MIT student.

ByAndrew morton

twenty one:Quantum computer(1982)
I devised a quantum computerRichard FeynmanDr. is also from MIT.

BySweetie 187

twenty two:Parallel computation(1981)
Dr. Danny · Hillis, the inventor of parallel calculation concept, is talking about Dr. Feynman this movie.

TEDxCaltech - Danny Hillis - Reminiscing about Richard Feynman - YouTube

twenty three:Free software movement(1983)
Representative of Free Software MovementRichard StallmanMr. joined MIT's AI Lab since he was in Harvard University.

ByBradley Stabler

twenty four:STP(1985)
"Mother of the Internet"Mr. Radia · Pearlman"STP" invented, the network speed dramatically improved.

twenty five:X Window System(1987)
Mr. Bob Schaeffler of LCS developed the X Window System which introduced the GUI to the OS which required command input.

26:Underwater robot (AUV)(1988)
Autonomous underwater robot developed by MITSea Squirt"

27:Society of the mind (1989)
Dr. Marvin Minsky, founder of AIT Lab at MIT,A society of mindPublished.

28:World Wide Web(1989)
Tim Berners LeeBy Mr.Distributed hypertext systemFinally evolved into the Internet.

ByKnight Foundation

The six-legged small robot "Genghis" is utilized for exploring Mars.

30: The all-bandwidth Bard(1993)
"Shakespeare whole collection was recorded on the web for the first time"The Complete Works of William Shakespeare"Mr. Jeremy Hilton who created while attending MIT, later joined Google and developed Google real-time search.

31:Internet Archive(1996)
Internet Archive'sBrewster KaleMr. is also from MIT.

The world's largestCDNAkamai of the business establishment was established by faculty of MIT.

33:Creative Commons(2001)
Professor MIT, one of the co-founder of Creative CommonsHull AbersonMrFree Software FoundationAlso known as co-founder.

Cleaning robot "rumba"IRobotMIT's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory 3 people started business.

35:MIT Open Courseware(2002)
Online regular registration of higher education institution regular courses free of chargeOpen CoursewareIt was MIT that I went to the world for the first time.

36:The science of folding(2003)
Eric Domain from MIT said "Geometric folding algorithm"soAwarded Brilliant 10 of POPULAR SCIENCE.

37:Database entrepreneurship(2003)
Associate Professor MITMichael Stone BreakerSucceeded in commercializing the database system "Postgres" developed by Dr. in collaboration with HP.

38:Gesture interface(2005)
MIT developed "G-speakIt is like a movie minority report world.

Oblong g-speak on Vimeo

39:Google Analytics·Google Voice(2005)
Known as Google Analytics and Google Voice developersWesley ChanMr. is also from MIT.

40:Personal assistant(2006)
"StartMobile" was born before the Personal Assistant Siri adopted on the iPhone.

StartMobile: An Intelligent Phone Assistant in 2006 - YouTube

Boston DynamicsIn collaboration with MITComputer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)Mr. Las Teddaik developed a quadruped walking robot "Cheetah".

Cheetah Robot runs 28.3 mph; a bit faster than Usain Bolt - YouTube

42:Cloud Computing(2009)
Mr. Rob Miller, known as the leader in cloud computing, is an application that allows blind people to take pictures with iPhone "VizWizDeveloped.

43:Intelligent Wheelchair Project(2010)
Dr. Seth Teller of MIT developed "intelligent wheelchair" to learn floor placement.

Intelligent Wheelchair Project - YouTube

44:Trend prediction algorithm(2011)
Mr. Debarat Shah,Twitter Trend TopicAnd an algorithm to predict car sales.

45:Baxter(year 2012)
A two-armed robot "Baxter" working in a manufacturing line joined the establishment of MIT's former Rodney Brooks professorRethink RoboticsProducts.

Time Lapse of Rethink Robotics Baxter in an Application - YouTube

46:EdX(year 2012)
CSAIL-born Ananto Agarwal founded online education platform edX.

Boston Dynamics, also born by CSAIL-origin Mark Railbert, has developed a humanoid robot "Atlas".

Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot Rocky Terrain & amp; Balancing Tests Update - YouTube

"M-Blocks" developed by Daniel Larushi of CSAIL is a modular robot that moves and coalesces.

M-Blocks Modular Robots - YouTube

49:X-ray vision(2013)
"WiTrack" utilizing 3D tracking technology can transmit wireless signals from outdoor by gesture and can turn off lights.

WiTrack: 3D Motion Tracking Through Walls Using Wireless Signals - YouTube

50:Soft robot(2014)
A soft robot with a silicon exterior is a robot that can swim like a fish.

Autonomous, self-contained soft robotic fish at MIT - YouTube

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