Cardboard rifle "Paper Shooters" that you can play with paper bullets

How to assemble fireable rifles using parts made with 3D printersAlthough it has become possible to make guns with DIY, such as being released, playing with a rifle made with bullets and cardboard made from soft paper because it is a full-fledged rifle which can play safely If the kit is "Paper Shooters"is.

Paper Shooters

DIY cardboard rifle can fire paper pellets up to 23 m (Wired UK)

You can see how you actually use PAPER SHOOTERS from the following movies.

PAPER SHOOTERS ™ Indiegogo Campaign Video (Cardboard guns that shoot) - YouTube

Paper Shooters is a rifle made with cardboard. Rifle has three designs. Below is a camouflage pattern "Digital Ops"

"Zombie Slayer"

"Golden Touch"

The kit consists of cardboard "skins" covering plastic launching equipment and equipment, 8 gilded pharmacy packs, 50 specialized bullets, zombie head shapes, skin types etc. thing.

I will assemble the skin like a paper craft.

Then assemble a plastic launcher and attach a skin on it.

Cover each part of launcher with cardboard ... ...


After assembly it will be like this.

Almost the entire outer side is wrapped in cardboard.

Use bullets made of soft paper.

When using, bullets will be attached to water and will be filled. In addition, since this bullet is made of paper, it can be made by oneself if it is lost.

Set the bullet to the medicine.

Like genuine rifles, pack the medicine in a magazine.

Preparation is completed when magazine is loaded in the main body.

I will set up like an actual rifle and aim for the target.

Because it is made of wet paper, bullets hit on the ground are not penetrated but crush on becky.

Phyto plaque is a mechanism that is discharged outside the rifle every time a bullet is put in. Bullets can be blown up to about 20 meters ahead and are made with emphasis on safety, but as the structure resembles an air gun, care needs to be taken in handling.

Products are designed to be usable if they are over 8 years old, but the target age is 14 years old, taking into account the process of assembly etc.

Paper Shooters is currently collecting funds to start production in China, Digital Ops is $ 45 (about 4500 yen) Zombie Slayer and Golden Touch commercialize it with a capital of $ 65 (about 6500 yen) When you do, you can get it, but if you make a contribution from Japan a separate shipping fee of $ 12 (about 1200 yen) is required. The deadline is local time at 16:59 on May 20th.

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