A completely custom made "William & Son's shotgun" which took thousands of hours to completion is thus made

In general, guns are mass-produced at the factory, but in England's long-established firearm manufacturer "William & amp; Son", several skilled craftsmen manufacture custom made guns that finish many processes manually It is. Such custom-made gun requires more than 1000 hours (about two months) just to finish one, but the making movie until such an elaborate one shotgun is completed is released.

The Making of a William & Son Shotgun - YouTube

◆ barrel (barrel) craftsman
150 hours of process time (6.25 days), 40 years of service

DullBarrelFight with fire ...

When wiping it off, it changes to a beautiful glossy texture.

All fine adjustments are done manually.

Turning the tool a bit ... ...

An iron bar with grooves popped out from the barrel.

A rocky object hangs over the heated barrel.

When it was covered with fire, the surface of the barrel changed to a color like wrapped.

◆ Engine Organization (Action) Craftsman
400 hours of process time (16.6 days), 41 years of service

It is a driving part when we shoot bullets on a center folding shotgun, or when we take off gunsEngine sectionManufacturers are also handworking parts.

Fine adjustment with rasp to how much curved parts.

When we put this in the body of the engine section, it fits perfectly with "Kachiri".

◆ stock shooter
Processing time 100 hours (4.1 days), 25 years of service

StockWood molded in the shape of.

Take a sculpture sword that is lined up ... ...

I will scrape the stock with a crunch and sculpture sword. Although it becomes a part which connects engine part etc., failure is not allowed because it is wood.

The portion to be hit on the shoulder will be finished smoothly with a flatten on the border.

I paint varnish and put out gloss, and it is carefully filed.

Together with the engine section, "snappy" and fit snugly.

◆ Decorating craftsman
Duration: 220 hours (9.1 days), 40 years of service

Design of decorations attached to guns written on paper.

Taking a metal sculpture sword ......

It is a hand carving as a matter of course.

The details are working with a magnifying glass.

The finish is like this, and it was decorated as designed designed on paper.

◆ finishing work
Processing time: 350 hours (14.5 days), 40 years of service

I will put a non-slip on the surface of the stock by hand-carving. It is like a machine with irregularities at even intervals and it can not be thought of as manual work.

We will incorporate parts one by one by each craftworker in the process so far.

Until the screws to fix each part, there was a space-free decoration.

A trigger guard (precautionary gold) for trigger is attached ......

The barrel, the engine section, and the cannon are put together making a "click". Because there is no gap at the seams, it is a glimpse of the craftsmanship cultivated by craftsmen.

◆ Exclusive guns
44 years of service

So, 150 hours +400 hours + 100 hours + 220 hours + 350 hours, shotgun made over 50 days a day.

It seems that men tried to hit the last.

Succeeded to shoot without problems without shooting "bread" from the shotgun with beautiful sparkling beautiful decoration.

When the barrel was broken, the fired paste was shot without any problem, and one gun was completed perfectly.

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