"GoldieBlox" that you can assemble and play like a Lego block reading the story

For girlsLEGO blockA toy that assembles and plays like "GoldieBlox". Traditionally, there are many toys that are assembled and played for boys, but combining with books to make girls interested also, and ingenuity has been striking such that colors are based on pink.

GoldieBlox: The Engineering Toy for Girls by Debbie Sterling - Kickstarter

This is Debbie's developer who is a technician at Stanford.

Since boys are small, LEGO blockERECTORI thought that girls also wanted to develop their skills by having interest in manufacturing and making "GoldieBlox" so that they are interested in.

It is characterized that the book that describes how to assemble is attached.

How to rotate the toy character with the belt etc are described.

Also, so that you can enjoy even children who can not read books, things that explain how to play with animation etc. are now available for download on iPhone and iPad for free.

Traditionally, many of these toys were for men ... ...

To adopt the pink color that girls like ... ...

It seems that girls are making it easy to get interested by combining with books you like.

Girls are not about what they are doing "..."

As a result of paying attention to where I would like to know "why", I decided to adopt a narrative style book as a guidebook.

I tested the prototype with over 40 children in 40 families, 3 schools, and it seems that the response seems to be good and I started to develop.

This is where I am playing with my father. Pull the belt and watch the rotating toy, a nice smile.

I can play while thinking with my friends.

The material is made in China,Environmental hormoneThere is concern about the influence asPVCDangerous materials such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are not used.

In addition, we want you to be assured that we will conduct an accurate industry standard test even for the safety of children before shipping.

CurrentlyKickstarterWe are recruiting equity above. We have reached the target amount already, we will invest 30 dollars (about 2,300 yen) by 15:50 on Thursday, October 18, 2012 in Japan time, 20 dollars (about 1600 yen) as additional shipping fee, If you pay, you can get it in February 2013.

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