"Hibermate" which can completely shut out the outside with an eye mask with detachable free ear muff for obtaining a good sleep

To get a comfortable sleepListening to music, To eatBe careful, PillowTo changeAlthough it is variously devised, using the eye mask which shuts off the light completely and the earmuff which keeps the sound away as if it is just like in the eyebrows, it completely shuts out the outside and relieves the stress which is applied to the eyes. As an eye mask with earmuffs that made it possible to get asleep, Kickstarter is looking for investment in "Hibermate"is.

The World's First Super-Soft Ear Muff for Sleeping by Hibermate - Kickstarter

You can see the details of the eye mask and the way people actually go to try it from the following movie.

Hibermate is an eye mask with detachable earmuffs.

The room is located near the railway line, and the person who lives with me is big, and not everyone has a comfortable sleeping environment. This woman seems to be unable to sleep because her husband's Ibiki is big.

It is said that the couple here have large female abstinence.

When I actually used people to use Hibermate, almost no sound was heard, there was a comment saying that it seems as if it is in Mayu.

Even people who do not usually use eye mask seem to be comfortable to use.

Mr. Dylan and Mr. Chris who developed by the following two people.

The eye mask is designed to block light and prevent light from entering through the gap. Also, since the eyepiece eye part is slightly dented, it is possible not only to open eyes with eye mask, but also to reduce the stress when closing your eyes. This makes it easier for REM sleeping eyeballs to move, so you can get a better sleep. Furthermore, since the outside of the eye mask is a smooth fabric, there is no friction with the pillow.

And, earmuffs are also making sticking.

The material uses soft silicon which is also used for medical treatment.

Inside, there is material for cutting noise, and it corresponds to the environment of 90 dB.

It looks like this is actually used. The earmuffs are firmly supported by two straps.

A side view. When earmuffs are unnecessary, they can also be used as just eye masks, and for those who lie down and sleep, slide and turn the muff to the back of the head. I covered one ear with a muff and another one with a pillow to block the sound.

Because you can adjust the strap yourself, make eye mask perfect for your head and prevent mask from shifting until getting up. Also adjust straps in front of the face, so even children can use it easily.

The material used is polyester cotton. It is warm in winter and breathable in summer. It is compact, thin, lightweight, washable, so it is perfect for traveling.

Ear plugs are also effective for blocking sounds, but ear plugs may feel pain when used for a long time, or may cause infections in the ears. Hibermate has no such worry.

While Hibermate is currently recruiting equity, you can get Hibermate of your choice from three colors of black · navy · wine color with a contribution of $ 40 (about 4000 yen). When shipping to the outside of the United States is necessary, a shipping fee of 8 dollars (about 800 yen) is required separately.

The deadline is 4:07 PM on July 29th.

2013/08/05 11:23 Addendum

The purchase reservation is currently in process, and if you enter the promotion code "hibermate", it will be $ 40 (about 4000 yen) for $ 59.95 (about 6000 yen).

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