I tried using the pillow "OSTRICH PILLOW LIGHT" to relax and sleep even during commuting, schooling and traveling

Pillow to wear on your head like a masking surface so that you can sleep anywhere at any time Sayasuya "OSTRICH PILLOW"Miniaturized, easy to carry Mini sized commuting and suitable for the journey became the design"OSTRICH PILLOW LIGHT"is. When I invested in Kickstarter's project, I got two kinds of red and blue OSTRICH PILLOW LIGHT to the editorial department, so I tried to check comfortable use.

STUDIO BANANA THiNGS | Fun Functional Objects

The package of OSTRICH PILLOW LIGHT looks something like this.

There are two colors of Dreamtastic (red) and Sleepy Blue (blue), and it is possible to distinguish by the seal which is also used from the top of the package.

I actually tried out the inside products.

This is Dreamtastic (Red) 's OSTRICH PILLOW LIGHT.

Looking at it from the top, the front is thick and the part hitting the back of the head is made relatively thin.

The size is a mechanism to adjust with a strap.

I touch it like a bead cushion when touched.

It is about this size when you hold it.

I actually measured the weight was 111 g.

A leather tag called "OSTRICH PILLOW" is attached.

Behind it was "studio BANANA THiNGS" and the brand name was included.

95% of the material isViscose, 5% isElastomerIt is made with flexibility.

This is Sleepy Blue (blue) OSTRICH PILLOW LIGHT.

As with red, the front is slightly thicker.

When we measured it, the weight is 112 g.

With leather tag similar to red.

The material is also together.

In fact, I tried putting a pillow.

Looking from the front like this.

When it is said that the pillow is slightly loose and comes off, adjust with the strap in the back of the head.

When not using as a pillow wrap around the neck and use it like a muffler, it is easy to carry around.

I had both red and blue on. I do not understand the difference in color at all from the outside. Also during wearing the inside color is unknown, so color comes to a point only when not wearing.

I went down while wearing OSTRICH PILLOW LIGHT.

Some people felt a sense of oppression a little around the eyes when putting the head wearing the OSTRICH PILLOW LIGHT from directly in front of the desk, but if you adjust the angle of the face with your arm placed next to your face, it feels nice It is possible to relax. As the arm pillow does not strain the arms and the part wrapped in the pillow gets warmer and warmer, it seems that it will fall asleep as it is.

In which position do you exercise the most ability? I tried various things and it was relaxing when I let my head lean against the wall. There are times when it is not possible to fall asleep without deciding the position of the head in the train, but there is stability feeling very comfortable if you keep your head with a soft touch.

"I thought that it would not make much sense if it was held on the back of a chair ...", but if you invert the front and back, you can use it like a pillow because the thick part turns to the back of the head. You can also use it like a neck pillow by shifting the position and winding around your neck.

There seems to be some people who are concerned about the feeling of oppression around the eyes, but if you turn on your eyes will be forcibly closed, gradually getting warmer, so you go to sleep even in difficult places such as the inside of a moving space or public space It is possible to go. People with long commuting time, people with a lot of trips, had no time to sleep at night, and were supposed to be useful items for those who took a nap during the day. The price is 34 euros (about 4,800 yen), shipping to Japan is currently in preparation.

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