I actually used the "Nod Travel Pillow" which holds the head and can hold comfortably sleeping by holding the jaw

By fixing the jaws by train or car, you can sleep comfortably even in upright type chairs "NodPod"The project was established and the real thing arrived at hand, so I tried using it for a while.

The Ultimate Travel Sleep Solution |

Two "Nod Travel Pillow" arrived and one earphone.

It's very simple to use, just fix the pillow with a cord clip. If it seems impossible to fix it in a nice place, it is OK if you turn the optional cord around the chair's turn and fix it, grab the string with a clip.

A hook and loop fastener is attached to the back side of the pillow, making it a space that can hold a string.

I pulled out the cord that was in it. Black strap comes with the main body, black and white string is an optional item.

Bite the clip in a place where you can fix the chair's back.

Adjust the length of the string appropriately with the code adjuster.

The basic way of use is to "suppress the vibration of the head in front and back and to the left and right by supporting the jaw," it is almost like this. ...... Horse mask shows the neck tightened, but you can see well that the pillow just supports the weight of the head. With this, the head is pinned to the seat, so you can sleep peacefully without being shaken back and forth strangely.

Even if the place to put your head is low, if you use the jaw as if to put on the pillow, it will stabilize considerably. It is useless to apply force to disengage the clip, but if the image is about to support the weight of the head, the problem does not seem to happen. Even this is pretty easy.

Whether you want to try this "Nod Travel Pillow" for people who are concerned about the shaking if it is a type of pillow that enters bead cushions or pneumatically to the back of the neck and fixes it.

Also, how to use this way instead of eye mask by bringing it to eye position like this is ant.

By the way, the earphone which was included was ... ...

It was an unchanging cord take-up type item.

In addition, Nod produced an improved version pillow and accepted pre-orders at the time of article creation. The price is $ 39.99 (about 4440 yen).

The Nod Travel Pillow

How to use Movie is also released. It is almost the same as the one in the article, but the size of the pillow itself is somewhat bigger and I feel that I hold the head more firmly.

NOD 2.0 - YouTube

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