Even in upright type chairs by fixing the chin by train or car, you can sleep comfortably and comfortably "NodPod"

Although you may feel drowsy while you are traveling on a train or a car, you may be doing it, but it is difficult to get "sleep" as the head shakes because of acceleration / deceleration and left and right tremors. Even in a bad environment where it is moving with a seat of a backrest close to such a vertical, good sleep goods "NodPod"By holding the chin, you can instantly create the same sleeping environment as the bed and get a good sleep.

The Ultimate Travel Sleep Solution - NodPod by Paula Blankenship - Kickstarter

You can see how to use NodPod by watching the following movie.

NodPod - YouTube

Sleeping with a long drive ... ...

I often have neck and shoulders.

Even if you use a neck pillow etc., your head moves due to acceleration in the anteroposterior direction, so you can not expect a comfortable sleep.

The situation is the same even if putting a pillow in the horizontal direction. As the head moves forward and backward and to the left and right, it will wake up from sleep soon and on top of it, it will injure the body due to unreasonable posture.

It is "NodPod" that helps sleep at such chair which the backrest is moving close to the vertical like this

Attach it to the back of the seat with a string.

Usage only brings NodPod under the chin.

By doing this you can fix the position of the head.

With NodPod, your head will not fall and you will not be shaken from side to side. Even in a chair with a vertical backrest it is possible to keep the head and neck in the same position as the bed.

With NodPod you will not twist your neck, you will not feel a sense of incongruity when you wake up.

The back side of the NodPod is stored in a Velcro tape type ... ...

Since you can put all of the strings together, there is nothing to mess up with when you carry it.

Installation method is very simple. Put a strap on the back of the seat ......

Shorten the strings ......

Let's spread the left and right hooks, adjust the length of the string OK.

Because it is compact size it does not take up the place even in the bag.

NodPod is a sleep supplementary goods completed at the end of a development period of several years and has acquired a patent. With NodPod, you can get a sleep when traveling by air or train as well as cars.

NodPod is a cloud funding siteKickstarterWe are looking for investment for commercialization at. At the time of writing the article, you can get one NodPod with a contribution of $ 30 (about 3000 yen) as Early Bird (early contribution benefit). Shipping fee of 5 dollars (about 500 yen) also corresponds to shipping to Japan, shipping scheduled for October 2016 is scheduled.

You can also get one NodPod and one blanket with a $ 59 (approximately 6000 yen) investment.

The deadline for investing in NodPod is until 23:59 on September 9, 2016.

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