Boldly designed bicycle with front fork connecting front wheel and handle

It plays an important role to change the direction of travel of the bicycle by connecting the steering wheel and the front wheelsFront forkThere is no magical appearance bicycle. It is not an art work for simply decorating, it seems to be able to run properly, and you can see the movie you are actually on.

Details are as below.
This is that bicycle. Important elements are missing to recognize as a bicycle.

The appearance that you are riding also looks realistic somewhat.

Faucet bicycle decorated.

Control of the front wheels seems to be done in this part. A thin pipe is stretching along the frame from the bottom of the steering wheel.

A movie that rides a bicycle. You can see that you can control properly.
YouTube - Forkless bicycle

This bicycle was created by Olli Erkkila, and other pictures are to be seen from the following official website. >> Bicycles

2009/10/05 16:24 Correction
Fixed because the reader pointed out that the outer thin pipe is connected to the control part, not inside the frame.

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