Colorful soap bubble coloring clothes and walls "Zubbles"

The world's first colored soap bubble "Zubbles" was invented by Tim Kehoe. It spent 15 years and 3 million dollars (about 300 million yen) and it was completed.

At first glance it is a vivid color that I can not imagine as a soap bubble, but it seems that there is no worry that it will pollute clothing, the ground, the wall, etc. as the color disappears in about 15 minutes.

Details are as below.I'm forever blowing Zubbles! Inventor spent 15 years developing world's first stainless color bubbles | Mail Online

Zubbles ... The World's First Colored Bubbles!

There are vivid color variations such as red, green and purple.

White. It looks like a balloon.

It is a very clear and dark color, but I am using a special dye and it will become colorless in about 15 minutes when I touch pressure, air or water.

It is difficult to color the soap bubbles, even if melting paint or red iron in the bubble liquid, the color will flow down the surface of the ball and it will accumulate in the bottom of the soap bubble. Existing dyes that were able to uniformly dye soap bubbles also dyed the clothes of children playing.

After children have enjoyed playing, they will not be struggling to wash, so it may be a nice product for parents.

The inventor is 39 years old, Tim Kehoe from St. Paul Minnesota.

"It would not have believed that even if it was told that I would spend a quarter of my life blowing soap bubbles," Kehoe says. However, we pursued the dream of coloring soap bubbles and realized it after trial and error in the kitchen for 15 years. "It was frightening to wonder if someone else would have invented colorful soap bubbles and decorate the cover of a toy magazine when I get up in the morning." "Zubbles" was awarded the 2005 Innovation Award of Popular Science magazine in 2005.

Currently two sets of pink and blue are sold for $ 14.95 (shipping fee), people in Canada and the US seem to be able to purchase from the official website.

Zubbles: Store

Although it is said that it will be released in the UK in the year, will it be possible to purchase in Japan as well?

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