A hand gun that shoots a body armor 100 m ahead "Five-seveN" real gun review

The common handgun can be loaded 20 bullets in one magazine by using the bullet of different small diameter, placed in 100m away With warhead excellent penetration military forBody armorA powerful hand gun that can shoot it out "FN Five-seveN(FN Five Seven) ". This time the real gun2013 Shot showSince it was exhibited in the picnic, I have paid all the pictures.

FN Five-seveN

"Five-seveNBelgian firearm manufacturer that manufacturesFN Hurstal(FN Herstal) booth.

The appearance is as follows.

Since heavy polymer material is used, the weight is as light as 843 g.

5.7 x 28 mm bulletUse a small bullet called.

The 5.7 x 28 mm bullet is characterized by its penetrating strength being as thick as a ballpoint pen. In addition, the ammunition sold in the US is different from the military one, and it seems that the penetrating power is reduced.

With the slide pulled,

Since the grip has irregularities, it will not slip with slippery.

I actually feel like this when I try.

The width of the front and rear of the grip is fairly wide, but the width of the left and right are narrow so you can grasp it securely.

Since there is a safety device just above the trigger, you can pull out the handgun and simultaneously release the safety and shoot quickly.

Magazine release is a rectangle.

It looks like this from behind.

Under the barrelPicatinny · railIt can be equipped with accessories such as tactical lights.

Magazine is made of plastic.

When you load a magazine into the gun it looks like this.

It actually looks like this.

In addition, because small bore bullets can hit the target, I am concerned that I can not give enough damage, so when I asked a question to FN Hartstar's explanation about that point " Ammunition that can be used by civilians is made to have penetrating power to the extent that it can not penetrate the human body.But bullets fly faster than those for general pistols, so they hold large energy You can give damage to enemies. " It seems that it is impossible to shoot a body armor by this specification, but it seems to be reasonable in the American market where there are many people who purchase guns for protection as long as the stopping power increases accordingly.

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