Machine pistol that can be folded "Sub-2000" real guns Photo & movie review

9 x 19 mm parabellum bulletWhen.40 S & amp; W bulletA foldable machine pistol available is "Sub-2000"is.


2013 Shot showThere was "Sub-2000I am selling "Kel-TechCompany's booth.

Appearance in a state where shooting is possible.

The length is about 749 mm.

There is a plastic cover on the barrel.

Iron site.

Stock (stock).

Cocking lever is integrated with stock (stock).

Trigger periphery is like this.

Pull out the magazine and it will be like this.

The exhibition gun was using the Glock magazine.

Pull the trigger guard down to fold the gun.


After folding is like this.

The size in this state is about 406 mm and the weight is 1.8 kg.

Please check the following movie to see how to fold in what way.

The folding function of Kel Tec "Sub-2000" looks something like this - YouTube

It is like this if you settle in a shootable state.

You can see how the actual shooting is done in the following movies.

How to shoot KEL Thech "Sub-2000" - YouTube

That's why it is a bit more bulky than a handgun, but it has a longer barrel so that it achieves high accuracy of hit, so it seems to be useful as a gun for in-vehicle use or home defense.

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