Paracord Bracelet "tool for survival that can make fire even though it is a bracelet but also a simple tent and key chain" Paracord Keychain "

Barrel bag with a reputation for minimal design and functionality "Bomber BarrelIsCollect 500,000 dollars (about 60 million yen) with KickstarterI was making the campaign successful, but also a bracelet that brings out the fire that was popular also at that time "Paracord Bracelet"And a newly added key chain"Paracord Keychain"Started the campaign. Both are items that can be used in a variety of ways by blurring or items that can make fire like a flint.

Firestarter Paracord Bracelet / Keychain | Survival Gear by Bomber Barrel - Kickstarter

The products such as Paracord Bracelet and Paracord Keychain can be understood by looking at the following movies and so on.

The barrel bag held by men is "Bomber Barrel". It is a simple and functional bag by a company of the same name "Bomber Barrel".

In the past Kickstarter, it is said to be the most successful bag product.

A new key chain "Paracord Keychain" was added to the bracelet "Paracord Bracelet" that was line-up along with such Bomber Barrel, and it was decided to be commercialized as a single item.

Even though both items are useful, it can be said that it is an outdoor site. In order to fire with a key chain or a bracelet, first prepare the ground with the hands first.

Fold the branches and arrange the details ......

Pile up to make bonfires.

Remove bracelet here ...

I grind the surface several times and when the ignition surface appears on the front ......

Ready to ignite.

Spiritually rubbing it with "cat", sparks caught fire with firewood.

It is the basis in the survival scene that causes a fire. The fact that fire can be made at any time with bracelets and key chains that you can usually wear is very likely to be an item rich in functionality.

By further breaking up the knitted para cord, the following usage is possible as well.

How to use a paracord bracelet - Survival Gear - YouTube

Attach one end of the para cord to the tree, taut the pin ... ...

When you put a seat from the top of the cord, it quickly changes to a simple tent.

If you extend the bracelet and extend it, it will reach 3 meters in length. Throw up the cord to the high branch ... ...

Join the barrel bag to the other side and pull it with Guy, you can lift the bag to a higher position.

By doing this it will be possible to protect the contents of bags from animals and the wet ground.

In addition, it can be applied to exactly surviving usage. A man who thrusts a mini knife to a stump.

Join parabod with twigs ......

By linking it to a mini knife and integrating it, I was able to make it a knife that is easier to put in force and can be used for self-defense.

The usual keychain and bracelet look like this and it looks like a simple accessory. Nobody thinks that this item can make a fire.

The bracelet weighs just 20 grams, and the length when you extend the cord reaches 3 meters. It uses a strong parachute cord and can withstand the weight of 550 pounds (about 250 kg). It is designed to let the sparks fly by strongly talking with the parts that are clasped and black rod shaped parts.

The key chain weighs 35 grams, 1.5 meters in length and is slightly smaller. Since flints are attached in the same way, it is possible to fire by hitting iron parts.

Bomber Barrel's para cord / bracelet / key chain is the cloud funding site'sKickstarterWe are looking for investment in. About 10,000 dollars (about 1,250,000 yen) of the target amount, approximately $ 41,500 (about 5.1 million yen) contribution is gathered at the time of article creation.

It is possible to get one of the bracelets or the key chain with an investment of $ 15 (about 1850 yen). Early Bird plan of early discount plan is prepared for one set of both, and it is possible to get at 23 dollars (about 2850 yen). It is 39 dollars (about 4800 yen) for each 2 sets.

In addition, since the following plan which Bomber Barrel and small handbag "Mini Bomber" is set is also prepared, it was also possible for people who were concerned about bags to get at this time It was.

In addition, for shipping to Japan, a shipping fee of 10 dollars to 35 dollars (about 1250 yen to 4300 yen) is required separately according to the set contents. The deadline for investment is Japan time on August 14th (Fri) 21:11 in Japan, the shipping time is scheduled around October 2015 to November.

Firestarter Paracord Bracelet / Keychain | Survival Gear by Bomber Barrel - Kickstarter

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