Portable generator "Estream" which can generate smartphones in the outdoor by generating electricity in the stream of river

Although it increases the enjoyment of leisure outdoors when it comes to the outdoor season, it can be said that electricity is secured as it is likely to become a source of trouble at such a time as well. A portable generator that can generate electricity by receiving the flow of a river with three propellers "Estream"It is possible to generate electricity anywhere as long as there is a flow of water, it is likely to be used for outdoor items.

Estream: A portable water power generator fits into backpack by Enomad - Kickstarter

What kind of product Estream is, it is understood by seeing the following movie etc.

The power supply necessary for charging smartphone no longer necessary for daily life is 5 volts. In addition, electric appliances that eat power require a power supply of about 110 volts.

In other words, the electric power required for charging the smartphone is about 5 watts, which is much smaller than the hundreds of watt consumed by the electric appliances.

If that is the case, "What if I can create the power that I need?"

It is "Estream" which generates electricity by the flow of water.

Estream, when putting in the water with the wire attached, three propellers rotate and start generating electricity.

It seems that electricity can be generated in most environments if there is running water.

The generated electricity is stored in the lithium ion battery inside Estream. After charging it can be used like a mobile battery.

Usage is as follows. First, remove the white cover of the main body ......

Expand the folded propeller.

If you spread it, lock it tightly so that the propeller does not close with the flow of water.

Then, attach the wire to the hook at the back of the main body and throw it into the river ......

It receives the flow of water and electricity generation is done.

The internal battery will be fully charged in 4.5 hours. By the way the capacity of the battery is 6500 mAh.

From Estream, you can supply electric power to smartphones, action cameras such as GoPro, and tablets.

Moreover, it is said to be twice as fast as normal. Specifically, since it can supply 7.5 watts of electric power from the USB port, it seems to be just the supply capacity between smartphone and tablet.

Also, if you use a white cover it turns into a lighting fixture.

It is said that it can be used for sending SOS signal from usage like lantern.

Of course it is possible to light underwater.

It is also possible to attach it to the back of the kayak and charge it forever.

It is sized to fit in the side pocket of a typical backpack.

In this way, Estream is useful not only for camping, fishing, kayaks, etc. but also for receiving winds to generate electricity, but it is also useful when riding a bicycle.

The internal structure looks like this. Propeller rotation generates electricity and charges the internal lithium ion battery.

Estream is a cloud funding siteKickstarterWe are looking for investment in. About the target amount of 80,000 dollars (about 8 million yen), about 116 thousand dollars (about 11.6 million yen) investment gathered at the time of article creation.

At the time of article creation, there is still a framework for the Super Early Bird Special plan, which is an early investment discount discount system, and you can earn one Estream with a contribution of $ 180 (about 18,000 yen). In addition, the set of two Family & amp; Friends Special is $ 360 (about 36,000 yen), the set of 5 Adventure Special is 900 dollars (about 90,000 yen), and so on. By the way, the planned price at the time of marketing is $ 250 (25,000 yen).

For shipping to Japan, a shipping fee of 30 dollars (about 3000 yen) is required separately. The deadline of investment is Japan time on September 12, 2016 (Monday) 14:59, and the shipping time is scheduled for January 2017 or later.

Estream: A portable water power generator fits into backpack by Enomad - Kickstarter

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