Solar Paper that can charge smartphones with sunlight and is safe even when it is cloudy · Consolidated solar battery "Solar Paper"

One of the enemies of electronic devices such as smartphones, which became indispensable in our daily lives, can be said to be a "battery exhaustion" situation. Risk can be avoided by using a portable mobile battery, but it is also a fact that it is not very efficient to always carry a mobile battery that you do not know whether it is actually used or not. Even such a person can carry easily, and having high power supply capability is "Solar Paper"is.

Solar Paper, the world's thinnest and lightest solar charger by YOLK - Kickstarter

What kind of product is the Solar Paper is understood by seeing the following movie.

Smartphones became an indispensable item in everyday life. However, as for such a thing to happen in the outdoor environment, ...

Display of "Low Battery" displayed together with "Piccoline" sound. When the battery level runs out, the smartphone is just a paperweight.

It seems to be useful at such time, "Solar Paper" made by solar battery maker "York".

Solar Paper is a mobile solar battery that houses a solar panel that can generate electricity if there is light in a thin body. Just open the panel with the pattern and connect the USB cable ......

Charging began and worry about running out of batteries was reduced.

The size of Solar Paper is 90 mm in width × 190 mm in height, it is about larger than iPhone 6 Plus.

What is surprising is its thinness, the thickness of the thinnest part is only 1.5 mm. Therefore, it is possible to sandwich it in a book like the beginning of a movie.

When you try it side by side with 10,000 yen bill etc. Although it seems difficult to put it in a wallet, if you put it in a bag, you can carry it as much as you want.

Because it is compact and lightweight, it can be used as a power supply at any time if it is attached to a bag and goes out.

Especially in outdoor it seems to be a strong ally.

Solar Paper has a generation capacity that makes iPhone 6 Plus's 2915 mAh battery fully charged from zero in 2.5 hours.

One of the big features is that it is correspondence when light is obstructed. In the case of a general solar battery, once the light is obstructed, even if the light is restored after that, charging will not resume until the cable is reinserted, but charging will resume automatically even in the state where Solar Paper remains as it is It seems to be made to be.

The panel can be detached and can be used according to the required power. The output per panel is 5 V / 500 mA, and it can be charged if it is a device that can be charged with comparatively little power such as GoPro.

When the number of panels is 2, the output becomes 5 V / 1 A, which makes it possible to supply the necessary power to the smartphone.

It is also possible to charge the mobile battery.

If you set the panel to 4, you can also charge the tablet that needs 10 W of power.

A power quicksheet looks like this. Every time the number of panels increases, the output increases by 2.5W.

It is said that the panel part has dustproof and waterproof performance based on IP 64 standard, and it can be used without problems if it is on the water or splashing water. However, be careful that the USB terminal part is not waterproof.

This Solar Paper is a cloud funding siteKickstarterWe are looking for investment in. About 50,000 dollars (about 6 million yen) as the target amount, about 270,000 dollars (about 32.5 million yen) is gathered from nearly 1,900 investors around the world at the time of article creation.

With a capital of 79 dollars (about 9500 yen), it is possible to get one 5 W type Solar Paper with 2 panels, 7 dollars at about 109 dollars (about 13,000 yen), and $ 139 It is possible to get 10W type Solar Paper if it is 17,000 yen). In addition, there is also a remaining frame in the Early Bird Plan which is an early discount at the time of article creation, so there is also the possibility of getting Solar Paper with great advantage.

In addition, the manufacturer "York" who developed Solar Paper is a company that has a track record of successfully making campaign of "SOLARADE" product solar panel using Kickstarter. The usage review of SOLARADE can be seen in the following article.

World's Smallest & Output 1A / 5V, "SOLARADE" Review to Charge Devices With Only Sunlight - GIGAZINE

Solar Paper 's contribution deadline is Japan time on August 21 (Friday) at 9 o'clock on Friday, 2015, and the shipping time is scheduled around September 2015. Also, for shipping to Japan, a shipping fee of 16 dollars (about 2000 yen) is required separately.

Solar Paper, the world's thinnest and lightest solar charger by YOLK - Kickstarter

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