World's Smallest & Output 1A / 5V, "SOLARADE" Reviewing the Device by Solar Only

It is difficult to charge electronic devices such as smartphones because there is no power in outdoor and camping etc. However, solar panels that can generate electricity with output 1A / 5V only by sunlight and can charge up to full with 2 hours for iPhone 5 "SOLARADE"is. When I invested in Kickstarter's project, I got the real thing to the editorial department and I tried to check its power.

SOLARADE, World's smallest Solar Charger. By nolla design - Kickstarter

The following three arrived at the editorial department because it invested in a charger set with a portable battery of capacity 2600 mAh, USB cable, and SOLARADE main unit.

SOLARADE is wrapped in a shock-absorbing material, with a brief description on the back.

Paccari. A solar panel as large as 10 inch tablet appeared.

Power generated by sunlight is output from the USB port.

There is one hole at the corner, you can insert a stick and angle it, or attach it to a backpack with a carabiner etc attached.

I feel like this when I take it in my hand.

Weight was only 159 g by actual measurement. Because it has about several plastic underlayers, it is easy to carry around.

The portable battery comes with a battery-like type, lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2600 mAh.

You can use it if you slide in and slide in.

USB and Micro USB terminals at both ends. Of course you can use it as an ordinary portable battery without using SOLARADE.

When charging the battery itself, connect the Micro USB from SOLARADE and connect the Lightning cable or the Micro USB cable from the USB when supplying power to the smartphone etc.

Weight is 98 g as measured by batteries.

◆ I tried using
The weather on the day of the review was cloudy and sometimes clear. Although it is not cheerful, the sun is out so I will actually try it outside.

Although it is active solar power in places without power such as outdoor, when going out it is also possible to charge if attached to the backpack as follows. In this state, I tried trying to connect SOLARADE and iPhone 5s with genuine cable.

It is a sign that can generate electricity with sunlight if the LED lamp turns red. We started generating electricity even in the sunlight received from the outside of the window in the train.

I was surprised that charging began in a few seconds after I hit the sun. You can see that sunlight can be efficiently absorbed.

However, if you are traveling, the area where there are many buildings often goes into the shadow and the output is not enough, or iPhone 5s connected from SOLARADE displays "This accessory can not be used" and it is quite easy It seemed difficult to keep charged state. Ali may be attached to the backpack during cycling, with the feeling that it can be used whenever acting in the sun every time.

Next we will charge the Galaxy S4 under stable sunlight.

We also started charging immediately.

Battery remaining 73% to 80% after about 1 hour. If it is iPhone 5 it should be able to fully charge in 2 hours, but the output looks weak.

Next I will charge the iPhone 5s. To extract sunlight more efficiently, pull out the sidebar ......

If you pass through a hole you can stand against the sun. At this time, if you put your smartphone in the shadow of SOLARADE, you can also protect the display from direct sunlight.

When charging of the iPhone 5s battery was started from 38%, 52% and 14% of the batteries were able to be charged in about 1 hour.

For iPhone 5 it was 50% in 1 hour, it was possible to charge fully in 2 hours, but in cloudy skies it might have been a little out of output.

Because it is in the camp and outdoors all day, it should be pretty handy to be able to generate power only by solar panels and sunlight, even if the output is low. If you connect to a portable battery and leave it, you can charge your smartphone later,A power generation pot that charges with water and fire aloneIt seems to be easier to use than it is. The release as a product of SOLARADE is under preparation.

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