An ultra-compact and lightweight mobile battery "Anker PowerCore 10000" with a large capacity of 10000 mAh that you can buy at the 2000 yen range

A battery with a large capacity of 10000 mAh capable of charging the iPhone 6s four times, while a mobile battery that realized ultra-miniaturization by only making the credit card a little bigger is "Anker PowerCore 10000"is. Since it was the best size feeling to carry with only 180 g in weight, I actually purchased it and carried it, I checked the degree of heat generation during charging with a thermography and tried it.

Anker PowerCore 10000

Anker PowerCore 10000 has arrived.

On the back side is written that it can be used for "drive" "home or office" "travel" and so on.

I tried opening the box and it contained the goods packed securely.

Inside was the Travel Pouch · Anker PowerCore 10000 main body · Micro-USB cable for battery charging.

When you put all the items in the travel pouch, it fits neatly. Android smartphone users can go out alone. IPhone users need separate Lightning cables, but there is a little room on the Travel Pouch so you can add cables in addition.

Compact size that fits in the palm when you take it in your hand. However, from the full charge you can charge iPhone 6s 4 times, Galaxy S6 3 times, iPad mini 4 1 time.

When you press the button on the left side or connect it to the USB cable battery, you can start charging and the remaining amount of the battery is made visible by lighting the LED indicator on the front surface in 4 steps.

There is a USB port for output on the top surface and a Micro-USB port for power supply. The output is 2.4 A which can also charge the tablet. Also, Anker's proprietary technology that can charge by optimizing current for each terminal "PowerIQ"It is said that the high-speed charging of the mobile terminal is realized by the function of" VoltageBoost "which detects the cable resistance and automatically adjusts the output voltage.

When comparing the sizes, the height is only about 3/2 of the iPhone 6s, the width is about the same. It is just a little bigger than IC cards and credit cards, it is a compact size that can not be thought of as a large capacity battery of 10000 mAh.

I am amazed that the size of the PowerCore 10000 is just a bit bigger, even if it is aligned with a mobile battery with 5000 mAh, which is just half the capacity.

Weight was 179 g by actual measurement.

I will make it a bit mocked, but I also entered the trousers pocket without problems.

Although it was a little uncomfortable when put in the breast pocket, it does not mean "it is too hard and does not enter" or too heavy, it seems to be bothersome while moving.

That's why I tried using PowerCore 10000 for about three days. You can also enter the pockets for putting electronic devices such as the outside smartphone without problems.

It is not bulky to put in the inside pocket of the backpack, even after entering it is too light to see if it is really in. Moreover, the charging speed was also felt quickly by the effect of PowerIQ, and it was speed comparable to the time when charging from the outlet by bodily sensation. There is also a function that automatically stops power supply when the terminal side reaches 100%. However, the thing which I bought at the editorial department had been confirmed that the LED lamp was on and staying on even after charging was completed, but it was confirmed that there was no energization even with the current checker. The specification states that the LED lamp turns off automatically after charging is completed.

It looks like this when I was in another backpack. A large capacity mobile battery is quite bulky, but it did not take up much space when combined with other luggage, and it was portable without stress. Also, because it has a large capacity of 10000 mAh, it can charge as much as you want with one smartphone, and you can carry mobile devices with confidence even with two carriers and tablets.

As the capacity becomes empty, try to measure the time to fill it up. Power supply is done using the accessory USB cable from the 12 W adapter.

Then it was filled with about 5 hours. According to the editorial staff who is using a 13000 mAh mobile battery, it took 8 hours to fill up, so it seems to be said that charging time of the battery body is also early.

As I saw with the thermography, I was about 44 degrees in the vicinity of the charging port, but the other place was around 35 to 38 degrees, I do not think that it is hot even if you touch it Not a level.

In addition, I was worried about scratches because I carried it with my backpack, but only with one small scratch. Since the scratches are not so conspicuous in the matte finish, it became a mobile battery which can carry with a gasping bag without worrying about it.

Anker PowerCore 10000 is handled by Amazon, and at the time of article creation it is available at a reference price of 5499 yen, and sale price of 2499 yen including tax. Anker PowerCore 10000 (10000 mAh World's Smallest Lightest * High Capacity Mobile Battery with Panasonic Cell) iPhone / iPad / Xperia / Galaxy / Android Various Others Matte Finishing Travel Pouch Included 【PowerIQ & amp; VoltageBoost Installed】 * 2016 As of the end of January: Home Appliances / Cameras

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