I tried actually using a compact titanium folding knife 'The WESN' with a blade width of less than 4 cm

' The WESN ' is a folding knife designed by creator Billy Chester, and is a stylish and compact gem that is a must for outdoor use such as fishing and mountain climbing. Previously, a

fundraising project was launched in December 2017 with a request from the crowdfunding site Kickstarter . Since I arrived at the GIGAZINE editorial department about a year later from February 2018, which was the goal of shipping, I tried to confirm the function by actually using it.


If you look at the following movie, you can see how the knife of The WESN is extended and retracted.

Striking out and closing the sleek, titanium folding knife 'The WESN' blade-YouTube

◆ Appearance
The box of 'The WESN' is a paper package designed to resemble a wooden box.

The contents are a special case of a leather bag and natural leather with a seal printed on the instruction manual 'WESN' and 'The WESN'. The cushioning material is made of finely cut wood.

This is 'The WESN'.

The size of the folded state is as compact as about 57 mm on the long side, and it is a size that can easily be hidden by a traffic IC card.

The weight is very light with about 32 g.

To bring out the folded blade, pull the trigger from the handle with your forefinger.

Because the blade comes out of the handle ...

Press the protrusion on the side of the blade with your finger and stretch the blade until you hear a click.

The total length of the blade is about 95 mm, and the blade is about 38 mm. The stylish blade has a short but beautiful curve made of stainless steel. In contrast to the shiny blade, the titanium body has a silver-like surface finish that is easy to conform to the hand and combines design with functional beauty.

It can be seen that the center of gravity is slightly closer to the center and is designed to be easy to handle even if it is light.

Because the blade is firmly fixed by the frame lock, there is almost no concern that it will be folded and injured during use.

When folding the blade, release the frame lock while shifting it in the direction of the arrow ...

Press your back and put it in your handle. Since the movable part is solid at first, the blade was stored with both hands, but when it gets used it can be stored with one hand, and when the blade is extended or stored, it has a nice sound and response of 'Kochiri' It is possible to enjoy

There is a pocket clip on the back of the body ...

You can hook the clip into your chest pocket and store it.

As it is compact, it is also possible to put it in the coin pocket of the pants.

It is an ant to carry along with the car and the key of the house using the key chain hall.

◆ I tried using
As it is compact and easy to carry and can be used quickly, it can be used instead of a cutter like the image below ...

It is suitable for opening work of cardboard.

However, I came to the campsite by saying 'I will try using it outdoors because it is a concept with a mini knife suitable for the outdoors'.

Let's make a fire with the chopsticks and stove, and 'The WESN'.

First, use a knife to break the brow 'Bottoning' to make the brow a reasonable size. First, fit the blade to the wood of the oak tree ...

I hit the back of the knife with other chopsticks and let the blade bite.

Although the blade advanced to the middle, if it went to the image part, it could not move any more. It is impossible to hit the back after the blade is completely buried in the coffin, and it is impossible to strike the coffin on the ground etc. with the knife stuck in the coffin and to divide it by its momentum. It seems difficult.

I will take care of it again and cut it by cutting off the sharp angle of the eyebrow this time.

Next, we will make a 'feather stick' that is made by thinning wood and processing it into a shape that is easy to ignite. The point is to stop on the way without dropping completely.

In this way, it's completed when it looks like a bird's wing.

Also cut the twine, which is a flammable material ...

Set on the stove with dry fallen leaves.

The fire starter is cut with a knife and ignited by the sparks generated.

In the movie below, you can see how the fire is being created by 'The WESN' and the fire starter. I could not ignite just by using the feather stick or fallen leaves, so I could finally use the pocket tissue to start the fire.

Try fire with 'The WESN' and Fire Starter-YouTube

◆ Summary
The WESN is a foldable mini knife with a stylish, compact design and ruggedness. Because it can be taken out quickly from the pocket, it has versatility that can be used for a wide range of applications from everyday use in the house to the outdoors. The durability that the blade does not spill out even if it breaks the crack and cuts the fire starter made of magnesium is not only the durability that the blade is confident, there is a thing that only the 'lifetime guarantee' is uttered.

It's perfect as a companion when you're in the pocket and feel free to go out outdoors, but it's compact and there's a bit underpowered when trying to use it like a full size knife, so when going to a full-fledged leisure I would like to prepare appropriate tools.

◆ About carrying a knife
The blade crossing 38mm 'The WESN' is not in violation of the Firearms Act . On the other hand, the petty crime law stipulates that 'a person who carried a knife (without a valid reason) by concealing a knife (...)' is defined as an object, and may be applied even if the blade crossing is short. It is generally understood that bringing a knife to a use such as leisure is considered as 'just cause', but please be aware that carrying it like an accessory may be the subject of a crackdown.

'The WESN' can be ordered on the official site , the price is $ 50 (about 5500 yen) separately for 'The WESN', and the set with a case of natural leather is $ 79.99 (about 8900 yen). It also supports shipping to Japan, and the shipping cost is $ 14 (about 1,500 yen).

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