I tried grilling meat, vegetables and mushrooms with jujube with a multifunctional tongue "Stake" equipped with everything necessary for barbecuing to punch, cut, pinch and turn over

When burning meat and vegetables with barbecue it is convenient to have a tongue because there is a thing that burns the tip if it is wooden chopsticks or burns a hand if the length is not enough. However, in the country of the barbecue America is not satisfied with the same kind of tongue, not only to pinch it, multifunctional tongue equipped with everything necessary for barbecue such as pushing, cutting and turning overStakeSince it is said that there is a product called "I have the product in stock, I ordered from the United States, actually made a charcoal fire and decided to verify usability while grilling various ingredients with juicy meat.

◆ Photo review

Packages that are transparent so that the tip can be seen are as follows.

When spreading it is like this.

Quilky 's logo in the middle of the handle.

The back of the handle looks like this.

The parts to use when grasping meat and vegetables and turning over are as follows.

It is possible to cut it if it is a soft food material because a wavy blade is poking.

Please check below to see how sausage is actually turned off.

I tried cutting sausages with multi-function tongue for barbecue "Stake" - YouTube

Looking from the side it looks like this.

Compared to the hands of adult men, it is about this size.

By extruding protrusions in the handle part, it is possible to deliver sharp bifurcated metal parts to pierce sausages and the like.


Looking up it is like this.

◆ I actually used it

Even large meat can be caught without difficulty.

Easy work such as squeezing the edge and moving it so as not to burn.

It can also be peeled under the baked meat and peeled cleanly from the net.

Afterwards it is okay if it is served on a plate as it is.

Potatoes that sometimes slip down and drop them with chopsticks ... ....


It fits firmly into a quadrilateral frame so it is secure.

We also grasp asparagus together.

With Onion it is like this.

Even if you grab soft objects like Ellinghi you will never crush.

It is OK even if the surface is slippery like paprika.

Sausage also pokes one.

You can take it to the top of the net with such a feeling.

I actually arranged a variety of items.

There is no problem even if you have something like a hormone.

Please take a look at the movie below to see various vegetables, sausages, mushrooms, etc. taken from the top of the net and served on the plate.

I tried using Tong "Stake" with everything necessary for barbecue - YouTube

"Stake" can also be purchased from Qurky's site from Japan, and the price is $ 29.99 (about 2350 yen).

Quirky - Stake

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