Lightsaber T shirt that shines in the dark

There seems to be a lightsaber print T shirt that glows in a dark place.

Even though it is a neta T-shirt, because design is also important, it is finished in a feeling that there is no discomfort even if you wear it when you go out.

Details are from the following.
This is a lightsaber T - shirt that shines in the dark.

If you make it dark like this, the part that hits the light saver's blade will shine.

You can tell where you are even if you turn black.



This lightsaber T shirt is sold for $ 20 (about 1800 yen) at the following site. Men currently sold out any size, but it seems to make it if you contact us.

"LightSaver" - Nerdy, Pop Culture, Film T - shirt by Matthijs Smit

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