Tapes that have threads built in beforehand so that they can be opened easily later "Rip Cord"

Although it would be nice to have cutters and scissors blades on the tape to open the cardboard box, inadvertent injuries to the contents of the boxes, or momentum and cutting of the finger tend to occur. To solve such a problem, we built a thread in the tape beforehand so that we can easily open the package without using a knife "Rip Cord"is.

Quirky - Rip Cord

Rip Cord looks like this. You can see that a purple thread is in the middle of the transparent tape.

In the attached tape dispenser, the middle of the blade protrudes, and it is easy to cut threads.

Paste the tape so that the thread fits in the middle of the cardboard box.

The end of the tape is slightly longer in the center due to the design of the dispenser, so it is easier to pinch the thread when opening it.

When opening, you can pull the pinched thread like this OK. It is possible to open luggage without using scissors or cutters.

In addition, since Rip Cord is currently under consideration for commercialization, the price etc. is yet to be determined.

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