A super-heavy-muse simulation 'The Shrouded Isle' play review that runs as a cult cult guru at the Nintendo Switch and devotees villagers' lives to God

A simulation game that runs a village consisting of believers of the cult cult as a leader in preparation for the end of the coming world while offering the life of the villager as a sacrifice (" The Shrouded Isle "is. Since The Shrouded Isle, which was released for PCs in 2017, was also distributed on the Nintendo Switch from March 7, 2019, when it is actually played, it has become a simulation of extreme severity, contrary to simple visuals. It was

The shrouded isle

You can see the Nintendo official PV of "The Shrouded Isle" from the following movie.

The Shrouded Isle Japanese Switch Launch Trailer-YouTube

When you start the game, it looks like this, and it looks like a monochrome screen like a Gameboy screen. There are a cathedral and five houses in the village, and at the bottom of the screen are five characteristic parameters: ignorance, passion, self-control, remorse, obedience. The period setting is 495 years after the gurus' prophecy that "the day of the last judgment will come after 500 years". If the prediction is correct the world will die in 5 years, so the goal of this game is to eliminate all the sins from the village.

The village run by the cult is very narrow and closed, and the villagers consist of only five families. The family members have specific characteristics. The supervisor Kegunni is in charge of ignorance.

Iosefka family of arbitrator who controls "passion"

Kad El family promoting "self-control"

Bishop Ephason's Deputy "Remorse"

Jishka's house, a hearing officer who swears "compliance". In order to run the cult, it is necessary to designate one member from each family as an adviser. Select "Nominate Advisor" and select 1 person.

From the five advisors selected, select up to three people in charge of the operation, and select "Start the Moon" to start religious activities, and guide the villagers in preparation for the day when the final referee is this game. Is the basis of

Depending on the adviser, the parameters of the 5 characteristics change. The characteristics of the family to which the adviser belongs will rise, but apart from that, the villager must decide the “devil” to raise the parameter and “devil” to lower it. For example, in the following Kegunni family Vante, in addition to the "ignorance" that the family members are in charge of operating, rising, "self-control" rises and "remorse" falls. In other words, every villager has its own unique parameter variation.

The virtues and vices of the villagers are initially "??????", so their details are unknown. If you display the family tree of the clan and select "Start survey", you can ask the name of the survey to find out what types of parameters are changing and how much they are changing.

For example, after questioning Miko of the Iosevka family, "What is your virtue?"

It turns out that it has the virtue that raises "passion". However, because you will be asking the villager, “You are a traitor? How is it!”, The “loyalty” from the family will drop.

Also, the family members who have been in operation have increased loyalty, and vice versa.

If the family's loyalty falls and becomes "rebellious", a revolt is triggered and the game is over. For this reason, it is important not to investigate villagers immediately, but first to predict rough fluctuations while observing the movement of the meter displayed on the screen.

The advisor will operate for 3 months (3 turns).

At the end of three months, you have to choose a sacrifice for the gods out of five. The adviser who was elected to run the cult was actually a production candidate. If you choose an adviser to make a ......

A mysterious ceremony begins ...


The lives of the villagers are offered to God and die. However, the life of the villager who was offered must surely save my cult from the end.

Some of the villagers have the viciousness of drastically reducing the parameters, and such villagers are sinful traitors and worthy of being a sacrifice. The "sacred ritual" seems to be the end of the world, and in fact it was meant to eliminate those who harmed the administration of the cult. The player must select a traitor and a suspected villager as an adviser and slay it in the name of offering to god. For example, when I consulted the Vänte of the Kegunni family, "the remorse" fell violently due to the vice of Vante. "I think this is a sinful existence?"

It turns out that it was a "Liar" that lowered the parameter of "Remorse" by 30. The true purpose of this game is to reveal the traitors who are hidden in the villagers, research them, select them as advisers and then sacrifice them.

Vadim of the Kad El family below also has the vice of being an "artist" who lowers "ignore" by as much as 30. Originally, the family would be furious and lose their loyalty if their family was sacrificed, but if they were known to be a traitor of the teaching platform, they would not be reduced, because they would reluctantly follow the decision. In order to run the cults smoothly, it is necessary to firmly determine "who is the traitor" while checking the parameter fluctuations so as not to sacrifice the villagers and to lower the family's loyalty by speculation.

Some time after the administration of the cult, epidemic spread in the village. Villagers infected with epidemic disease are deviled by virtue of the disease. If a person who has developed a contagious disease appears and is left as it is in the family, the infection will spread rapidly in the family, so it is necessary to respond promptly.

It seems that there are no medical facilities in the cult, and infected people are firstly imprisoned. Select "Confinement" and select the infected person.

Then, the portrait of the infected person will be trapped in Eri.

If you select the "tower" in the upper left of the village ...

It is possible to meet someone who is imprisoned.

In order to get rid of the pain of the epidemic Ephason's Bella, we perform "purification."

Then, Oli in which Bella was trapped went into the water. I will remove the pain of Bella thoroughly with water blame. However, if purification is performed without knowing the medical condition by "investigation", care is required because it will rarely die as it is. If you are starved, you will get an aversion from the family.

The most important thing in this game is the maintenance of parameters. If the parameter drops too much, the meter displayed at the bottom of the screen turns red ...

You will be warned. If the parameter turned red does not recover in the next season and remains red ...

No longer waiting for the end of the world.

Of course the game is over when this happens. If you do not recover from regret, you will end up with a grim "end", saying, "At the end we dedicated ourselves to the altar."

The player who is the leader is given an achievement goal in the name of a message from God. It seems that there is a change in ending when this goal is cleared.

There are also occasional events that require you to make choices as a leader.

In addition, the color of the game screen can be changed. Press the-button, and a menu will appear. Select "Settings" ...

Change the "Color" column and it's OK. The default is "light burning".

"Poison" is bright green

The "cremation ash" could be selected from eight types, such as light gray.

Although "The Shrouded Isle" is a simple game content that "shows traitors out of the villagers while checking fluctuating parameters", although there are no flashy visuals, five parameters, family loyalty, epidemic etc. There are a lot of parts that have to be managed with care, and it has become extremely difficult. In order to identify villagers, a survey must be conducted, but doing so will reduce the family's loyalty. In order to raise the family's loyalty, actively have the adviser take part in the operation, and if the traitor is lurking, the parameters will go down. It's just saying, "If you set that up, it won't stand up," and if you push the button without thinking, it will be a game over in an instant, so it's recommended that you take a note and proceed with reasoning.

One of the factors that raises the level of difficulty of the game is that there is no game description or system commentary, and it is necessary to repeat the play while grasping the game over and over again to grasp the system. Combined with the monochrome-based UI, I felt as if I was playing a retro game without a manual. Since the game itself is crisp and smooth, it may be better to prepare for the end of the world with the collapse of the cults many times, rather than having to sit back and play in one play until you get used to the game.

"The Shrouded Isle" is a Nintendo Switch and can be downloaded and purchased for 1480 yen including tax. In addition, the PC version is Steam and can be purchased for 980 yen including tax.

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