Matsuya and game "Ryu ga Gotoku 4" collaborate, "Matsuya × Ryu ga Gotoku Original Curry" Taste Review

Sega's game software "Ryu ga Gotoku"Series is famous for collaboration with various companies,MatsuyaOpened stores in the game with "Ryu ga Gotoku 2" "Ryu ga Gotoku 3", so that meals could be made in the shop.

This collaboration has been done even on "the one that succeeds the Ryu ga Gotoku 4 legend" released on March 18, and the hero is supposed to recover the physical strength when eating in Matsuya. In this time, the retort "Matsuya × Ryu ga Gotoku Original Curry" was actually on sale at Matsuya store and online shop, so I decided to buy it and try it.

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(PDF file)Announcement of Matsuya × Ryu ga Gotoku Original Curry Release

I feel like I came the other day, but I came to Matsuya again.

It is curry that I came to buy, but this shop is offering "hot heat iron dish menu" limited to stores. It's pretty bad ... ....

So I decided to eat a set meal on an iron dish and take a retort curry.

Iron dish bibimbap meal set (580 yen).

The dish was heated to the ground by not being touched, and various things were rolling up.

Mixing is complete. Thanks to the steady dish being heated, the bottom of the crisp crispy was finished and the texture is the best. The taste of combining kimuchi and eggs in the seasoning of a bit darker meat is bibimbap itself of the bBQ shop.

This is an iron plate mix grill set meal (680 yen).

Looking only here, I feel like I came to Families.

In fact, the taste of a real authentic hamburger steak with hamburger steels without thickness.

Please apply the source.

Speaking of beef bowlers once "Does it get stabbed or stabbed, does not that sound like that?"There was also a copypipe called, Matsuya may be a family-like feeling.

That's why Kore is the main "Matsuya × Ryu ga Gotoku Original Curry". It is the same price as Matsuya 's original curry at 300 yen per box.

Cooking methods are the same as ordinary retort curry.

Apparently it looks like chicken curry. 234 kcal in one bag.

It is not unusual that pack of retort curry is only the name of plain or curry, but truly "Ryu ga Gotoku" is punchy.

This time I decided to compare with Lawson's original brand curry.

"Matsuya × Ryu ga Gotoku Original Curry" is 300 yen at 200 g, and 105 yen at 250 g of Lawson.

With lots of boots.

The amount of roe is different, but the amount of rice was the same.

I tried it. "Ryu ga Gotoku" on the left, Lawson on the right. Apparently 50 g of Lawson seemed to be ingredients such as potatoes, so the amount of roux itself did not change much.

"Chicken is floating in the center" Ryu ga Gotoku "curry.

It is dry which added special spice to Matsuya's original curry, and there is no sweetness at all. Although the price setting of 300 yen is high as a retort curry, it is becoming a roux that makes the ingredients to eat steadily though it is not to be defeated by it. It is high if it is said to be 300 yen indeed, but if it is 200 yen range it is possible to do without complaint.

On the other hand, Lawson has a lot of ingredients.

It will look like this when you make it at home. It is also dry here, but at first it makes me think like the curry of a tasty sea house and after a while my spicyness comes, so I'm not forbidden. I felt this was excellent in cost performance.

By the way, "Ryu ga Gotoku 4"Is collaborating with 40 brands, including collaboration with Matsuya at this original curry. In addition, it seems that Sega does not take advertisement expenses in this collaboration.

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