Multi tool "20 The function comprehensively summarized" The MSTR KEY "

Instead of storing the parts according to the function like an army knife in the body, a multi tool key compactly equipped with 20 functions around one key "The MSTR KEY(Master Key) "appeared in Kickstarter.

The MSTR KEY (Master Key) 20-in-1 Multi-Tool Keytool by MSTRMND Collective - Kickstarter

How you can use it can be grasped largely in the following movies.

This is the "The MSTR KEY" body. It is made of stainless steel (SUS 304), the size is 5.3 cm × 2.7 cm × 0.25 cm and the size that can be put in the key case together with the key etc of the house.

In addition to being equipped with multiple thickness and size screwdrivers ... ...

Wrench also supports multiple sizes.

If you use a bit you can also handle screws of special shape.

You can open the can lid with a ply (bar) using this principle.

It corresponds also to the closing direction.

As a cutter ....

It can also be used as a bottle opener.

You can also scratch off.

The private part can also be used as a pull-tab opener of can drink.

You can also remove the needle of a stapler.

With this dent, it is possible to cut only the film of the cable.

Fishing line can also be cut.

Pill tablets.

You can also remove the binding band.

I do not know if I really can use the function, but because it is safe to have it at hand, Kickstarter has more than 2,000 investors, much more than the target amount of 4000 dollars (about 400,000 yen) 9 More than 2000,000 dollars (about 9.2 million yen) are gathered.

The investment amount and its return contents are
· $ 22 (about 2200 yen): 1 MSTR KEY
· $ 42 (about 4,200 yen): 2 MSTR KEY
· $ 60 (about 6000 yen): 3 MSTR KEY
· $ 75 (about 7500 yen): 4 MSTR KEY
· 90 dollars (approx. 9000 yen): MSTR KEY 5 pcs
· $ 165 (about 16,500 yen): 10 MSTR KEY
It has become. In addition, it is said that we will ship to anywhere in the world, but if you ship to Japan, a shipping fee of $ 12 to $ 25 (about 1200 to 2500 yen) is required depending on the investment plan, the deadline is 2016 It is September 3 at 12:59.

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