Possibility that Google is developing high cost performance devices with Xiaomi for the promising Indian market in order to defeat Apple

In order to capture emerging markets, which are expected to continue to grow as a smartphone market, Google may be partnering with Xiaomi, a Chinese manufacturer that has been successful in the Indian market, to develop devices. Information is out.

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Google may partner with Xiaomi on new Android One device | TalkAndroid.com

Xiaomi may make a phone to give Android One some much-needed tech cool

In order to capture India's rapidly growing smartphone market, Google released a low-priced smartphone called `` Android One '' in 2014, priced at around 10,000 yen, but it did not produce the desired results. By the way, Android One is scheduled to be renewed as a lightweight version of Android OS 'Android Go' that runs comfortably even with less memory.

Introducing the lightweight version of Android OS 'Android Go' that runs smoothly even with 1GB memory - GIGAZINE

While smartphone manufacturers are trying to capture the important and promising Indian market, China's Xiaomi is taking advantage of its overwhelming cost performance of high performance and low price to overtake Indian domestic manufacturers such as Micromax in market share. has grown significantly, and is entering the next promising market in China.

In India's smartphone market share for Q1 2017 announced by IDC, Xiaomi has jumped to second place with 14.2%, following the top Samsung.

Meanwhile, an anonymous person has sent information to Indonesia's

krispitech.com that ``Xiaomi may be developing a low-cost smartphone with Google.'' This is considered a smartphone that can be called a 'Nexus device for emerging countries,' and Google is trying to retry the failed 'Android One' in emerging markets, including India, by cutting prices on various devices. That is why we entrusted the development of terminals for emerging countries to Xiaomi, which produces products that can be said to be.

According to this information, the base device for the new Android One will be Xiaomi's 'Mi 5X.' Equipped with a 5.5-inch large-screen LCD display, Qualcomm's Snapdragon 625 SoC, 4GB of memory, and a dual-lens camera on the rear, the Mi 5X has more than enough performance to conquer emerging markets.

It is clear that rival Apple is also focusing on the Indian market, such as selling the compact 'iPhone SE' in India after switching to local production . In the Indian market, which follows China's market, which is becoming saturated, fierce sales competition between Google and Apple is likely to occur.

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