Clearly that Google is planning a cheap smajo of about 5000 yen level

Google developed it as a smartphone with high quality and low price for emerging countries and launched in India in September 2014Android OneHowever, it is the current situation that we can not leave enough results to dominate the market. To overcome such a situation, Google is planning to sell super-discount smartphones that have lowered the price to around 5000 yen.

Google set to reboot Android One smartphone project in India -

India, with a population of about one billion people and the world's largest smartphone market growth in the first quarter of 2014, is the country that Google sees as the market after the United States, Android One was launched in September 2014 It was. As of August 2015, four models of Android One are on sale from manufacturers in India, the cheapest being "Karbonn Android One Sparkle V"It is a model called 4790 rupees (about 9300 yen), the highest is"Lava Pixel V1 with Android OneIt is 11349 rupees (about 22,000 yen) at.

It was Android One released with great expectations, but in India I could not cite as much as I expected. Rajan Anandan, Google's manager in India and Southeast Asia, revealed that "smartphone supply process" was one of the reasons why we could not have a result. Most of Android One is manufactured and shipped at a factory in China, but it seems that there was a problem in the supply process from China to India and the inventory was in short supply.

According to Anandan, Android One, which is developing, is planning a plan to rethink the supply process and avoid inventory shortage problems. Also, in Indian smartphone market where there are a lot of users with high cost consciousness, it seems to set price aiming at price range of 2000 (about 4000 yen) to 3000 rupees (about 5800 yen). If it is released at a price of 3000 rupees, the price will be greatly lower than the model that appeared in 2014.

Google said that not only smartphones but also its advertising business is struggling in India. Due to the very slow line speed in India, services like YouTube for mobile and Google Maps do not make as much profit as other countries. Mr. Anandan revealed that the advertising business is planning a large-scale project on the struggling problem, and seems to leverage the business in India.

In addition to the population of 1 billion people, India, which is expected to use the Internet to exceed 500 million people in 2017, is a market that emphasizes companies like Facebook and Twitter as well as Google. Whether Google can win the country's smartphone market with the new Android One and can be reworked by the main advertising business will draw attention in the future.

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